2012 New Year’s Greetings from UEB Rector

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son
As the new year 2012 and Lunar New Year of Nham Thin is coming, on behalf of UEB Management Board, I would like to send my warm regards and best wishes to all the staff, faculty, students and alumni who have been working/studying at VNU University of Economics and Business.

2011 is an eventful and challenging year with many missions for VNU University of Economics and Business; however in this year, the university has achieved several proudful successes. The university has been striving for the prestige in research and training by its special researches “Vietnam Annual Economic Report”; being the implementer of State-level and international research projects; increasing number of articles published on international journals; the Ministry first prize for students’ research; taking the important task of training managers and key officials; opening new training programs in accordance with international standard; investing in more facilities.

Under the slogan “promote the innovation, professionalism, creativity and community spirit to achieve the quality and efficiency”, all the UEB staff and units have given great effort to fulfill the tasks, contributing to the common success towards 40 years of tradition and 5th anniversary of UEB. It is the resonance of the wisdom, passion, creativity and persistent effort of each group and individual at the university. For each success of the university, we all have the pride on our contribution because it is the source of encouragement and belief in the future development of the University. On behalf of the university, I warmly commend and highly appreciate the outstanding contributions and efforts.

We are welcoming New Year 2012 with good news and opportunities as well as challenges. 2012 is an especially significant year to our university, marking a milestone after 5 years of establishing. Persisting in the mission, we are deeply aware of the new phase is coming with more important missions and higher requirements. It is the pursuit of international quality and standard, development and stability. Continuing our direction to become a research university equally to advanced Asian universities, we have the confidence in the upport of the leaders of ministries and Vietnam National University as well as the effective cooperation of our partners abroad, and in our internal strength. With our enthusiasm of youth, intellect, creativity, solidarity and development, I believe that we will take initiative to overcome the challenges and fulfill the mission in 2012 and soon succeed the strategic objectives.

In the cheerful and lively atmosphere of spring, once again I would like to send all of fellow staff, students, alumni and partners of UEB my best wishes. May you a wealthy, prosperous and happy new year.

Best wishes!

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business

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