UEB’s Faculties close 2011-2012 mission plan

The faculties and offices of VNU University of Economics and Business are now on their completion of 2011 - 2012 academic year’s mission plan and plan building for 2012-2013 academic year.

Among the faculties, from 5th to 15th June, the faculties of UEB (Finance - Banking, International Business & Economics, Political Economics, Business Administration and Development Economics) have organized the closing ceremony of 2011-2012 academic year and planning for 2012-2013 period. The ceremony had the presence of UEB’s Management Board, leaders of offices and the whole staff and lecturers of the faculties.
At the ceremonies, the faculties’ Deans have presented the results which the faculties achieved in terms of training, scientific research, human resources management, cooperation development, communication - website; thereby evaluating the completion degree to identify the limitations and discuss new directions to better perform these tasks, particularly the priority missions.
The UEB Management Board together with representatives of UEB offices and faculties have evaluated the implementation of the academic year plan, responded to the queries of the faculties and discussed on the plan of the next academic year. 
Expressing their expectations, the UEB Management Board hope that, based on accomplishments achieved, the faculties would promote their activities, make advantage of their strengths to fulfil the goal, improve the performance in general in the next academic year. In addition, the faculties are expected to coordinate more closely with other offices and faculties of the university to ensure a smooth communication and prompt fulfillment.
Also at the ceremonies, the faculty members also discussed about their challenges in teaching, research and have received answers from the Board as well as leaders of the UEB offices. As a result, the teaching and research of UEB faculty members would be facilitated in the near future.
The series of activities which were well-organized have shown that the planning at UEB has always been highly respected and professionally implemented. Hence, the UEB units are facilitated to positively implement their activities in a reasonable frame, especially when the university is on its 5th year anniversary celebration and towards 40th anniversary of the university tradition.

Do Chiem - Hai Dang

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