UEB’s major achievements in the 2011-2012 academic year

As soon as the 2011-2012 academic year finished, the VNU University of Economics and Business has elected the 10 representative achievements of the university. We would like to introduce to you as follows:

1. Commencement of the first BBA students of international standard training program. 100% students graduated at good or excellent degree; especially there were two QH-2009 students who have finished their course prior to the graduation ceremony.
2. Opening a new training program in accordance with the social needs and high-quality requirement: Master’s training program in Technology Management and Corporation Development; Bachelor training program in Finance - Banking at high-quality standard.
3. Scientific publications, especially research articles published in international journals sharply increased to 20 articles, reaching the rate of 4.5 faculty member/article.
4. Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2012 which is published in dual languages of Vietnamese and English, being high evaluated in terms of quality and its contribution to policy advice to the authorities.
5. Winning the bidding to implement state level and international research projects: a state level research project; 2 projects sponsored by subjects developed by the The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (Nafosted); an international project on “Building female entrepreneurial skills for small to medium enterprises (sme) in ASEAN countries”funded by AUSAID (coordinated with the University of Sydney, Australia).
6. Participating in major events as organizers or co-organizers, contributing to policy advice, socialization of scientific and technology development, effectively promoting the cooperation between institutes - enterprises: Conference between two Communist Parties of Vietnam - China; the standing agency of Bao Son Award; Participating M&A Forum 2012 “Creating the resonance value” as the Chairman of Election Commission for representative deal, members of the Investment connecting committee and Co-editor of M&A Vietnam Forum 2011-2012 publications.
7. Acting as a pioneer in quality assurance and building a culture of quality: complete self-assessment report according to accreditation standards by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam National University (a component of ASEAN Universities Network); implementing students’ survey on online lecturing.
8. UEB staff quality is improved, towards international standard under the modern human resource management: applying the payment policy by 3P mode; attracting and hiring of 10 faculty members of doctoral degree; and bringing UEB staff a favorable environment for development, 5 faculty members of the UEB are promoted to senior lecturers; 2 faculty members are conferred the academic title of Associate Professor.
9. Staff and students of the UEB achieve high awards in scientific research: a first prize for students’ scientific research at Ministry level and two awards at VNU level (1 first, 1 consolation prize); a study by UEB faculty member won the prize for representative scientific projects of VNU in 2011.
10. Quality and efficiency is improved thanks to the renovation of university autonomy, which approaches the outcome-based mode, information technology applications and expanding facilities: designing and assessing the plan due to outcome efficiency; IT application serves the management activities; online survey; online counseling and recruitment... extending 25% of the using area available.

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