Mission signing ceremony of 2012 - 2013 academic year

On 5 September 2012, the University of Economics and Business has organized the signing ceremony which assigns mission of new academic year to its Faculties and Centers. The UEB’s Board of Management and leaders of its offices have attended and witnessed the ceremony.

The UEB has been always focused on the planning task (including: planning, monitoring and assessing) in the construction of the university to a world-class research university. It is the third year when the university held the mission signing ceremony to its Faculties and Centers. 
Speaking at the ceremony, the Rector of University of Economics and Business, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son said: “The mission plan is the brainchild of the whole university’s common agreement after many discussions and examinations. Through the planning, the entire operation of the university will be actively carried out according to the outlined objectives. In addition, the mission plan will also help to promote the development orientation of the UEB, thereby encouraging the university in fulfilling the goal.” 
Head of each UEB’s unit needs to be aware of their mission plan; each unit should organize meetings to heighten the mission awareness to their staff and faculty members. Accordingly, it is needed to strengthen the unity in the unit’s activities and promote the creativity of each individual in the implementation in order to achieve the best results in the new academic year.
At the ceremony, heads of UEB’s Faculties and Centers have signed a memorandum of understanding under the presence of the UEB’s Management Board and leaders of the university’s offices.
2012 - 2013 is an important academic year of the university as it strengthens the innovative and sustainable development, ensuring the high quality and international standard in training, research to improve the UEB’s position and prestige.
With the unity and consensus in the whole university, the University of Economics and Business is expected to achieve more success in this academic year. 

Besides the review of each academic year, the VNU University of Economics and Business carries out the planning tasks for the new academic year. The planning complies with the ISO system criteria which are specified and quantified. Accordingly, at the UEB level, the  Board of Management offers the orientation, the central task and the major targets of training, scientific research, human resources management...
On the basis of the key tasks and their capacity, each UEB’s unit proposes the detailed mission plan together with the conditions of finance, human resources and facilities. Based on the proposal, UEB’s functional offices including the Office of Planning and Finance will balance and allocate the planned targets to other units. The mission plan for each unit is the a result of “reasonable agreement” between the university and the its units.
The monitoring and assessing the task implementation are carried out from the beginning to the end of an academic year. In addition, the university also has a network of specialists in charge of the planning in each unit (offices/divisions/faculties/centers), who directly involve in the performance monitoring and assessment. 

(Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Rector of VNU-UEB)

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