UEB’s 2013 Gala

A repertoire which audience extremely expected is the play Tao quan
On 31st January 2013, the Dinner’s 2013 Gala was held impressively by VNU University of Economics and Business with the participation of the majority of union members in the whole university.

Gala is an annual activity of VNU University of Economics and Business at the end of the year. Here, each member can show artistic ability as well as his creativity in each item to contribute to a night meeting, exciting exchanges. After three-year organization, the Gala has become a “special” spirit of UEB staff.
This year, the activities of the faculties and departments for the Gala were prepared early. Since 2012 the faculties have organized their items itself, and this year, they showed up their “strength” in each item. In general, there were a numerous staffs attending the Gala and they were trying to show the “character” of their own.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Party Secretary, Rector of UEB opened the Gala

In all repertoires of Faculty of Banking and Finance, the most impressive item is the song Tinh ca Tay Nguyen with new strong voice of Dr. Le Trung Thanh and the  investment in custume as well as the female vocals.
Group 2, Administrative Staff brought the songs: Khat vong mua xuan, Anh cho em mua xuan, Ngay xua oi.  The song Ngay xua oi was combined deeply by single voices and choir, the song Anh cho em mua xuan was expressed confidently by Kim Anh’s voice with eye-catching accompanied dance so that the whole meeting-hall was made sensation. In particular, Khat vong mua xuan item of all members in green volunteers was wowed the audience in the hall.

After convincing victory in Gala 2012, Group 2, Administrative Staff went on to win first prize Gala 2013

One of the items gave pleasure to the audience is fashion performance of "convergent five-continents, gathered four-ocean" of coalition between Faculty of International Business and Economics and Center for Economic Development Studies with national costumes of various countries the world. The "model" such as Mr. Ha Van Hoi, Ms. Nguyen Huong Thuy, Ms. Sehera Huyen, Mr. Lucky       Lan, Ms. Loan Cleopat... who brought the lively and humorous items. Last item is the meaning message to everyone: the song Hay den voi con nguoi Vietnam toi.
Throughout the Gala, there were joyful and bustling songs with love of country, national pride or love songs in praise of love couples which were shown very emotionally by the UEB members.
This year, the repertoire does not only revolve around the theme of "New Year" and "spring", but also can mix songs the youth, the charm of the sisters, the amorousness of brothers such as: Pho hoa, a potpourri of songs: Toc hat - Duong cong - Got hong, Con mua tinh yeu, Hat ve cay lua hom nay, Phuong hong. With the creative style performances, amateur artists blew a “new breeze” to Gala this year.
A repertoire which audience extremely expected is the play Tao quan – came  back after an absent year from the Gala stage.
At the Dinner’s 2013 Spring Gala, once again the colorful 24- repertoires as well as the play Tao quan was an unforgettable night for the staffs, lecturers of UEB. Final result:
- First Prize in Group 2, Academic Affairs
- Second Prize: Group 3, Administrative Staff; Faculty of Banking and Finance
- Third Prize: Faculty of Political Economics, Faculty Business Administration, Faculty of International Business and Economics and Center for Economic Development Studies.
- Fourth Prize: Union of Center of International Training and Education, Union of Faculty of Development Economics and Group 1, Administrative Staff.

The organizers awardedto units

At the end of Gala, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thien, the Chairman of UEB Trade Union thanked to Party committee executive Board, Board of Management who has always concerned the spiritual life of the staffs and lecturers; created many rewarding and fun cultural activities. He also thanked their enthusiastic participation and congratulated the success of the program.

The Dinner’s Gala is full of UEB’s spirit

Do Chiem - Thanh Nhan

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