The examining of ISO 9001:2008 at the UEB at the 2nd phase

At the opening session
On 18 April 2013, Vietnam Certification Center (Quacert) has held the certification assessment phase 2, which assessed quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 at the VNU University of Economics and Business.

Associating the assessment delegation were Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Ly - Senior Appraiser - Deputy Director of Quacert, Ms Tran Thi Tien Thuy - Senior Appraiser and Mr. Chuong Hoan Linh - Senior Appraiser.
After the opening session, the delegation visited UEB’s faculties and offices to examine the training and research activities at the university in both undergraduate and postgraduate training.

After a hardworking day, Quacert has completed the second phase of the assessment of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 certification. In the afternoon, the delegation had a meeting to sum up the examining in the presence of representatives VNU-UEB including: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Anh Tai - Vice Rector and UEB’s representatives of the faculty and offices.
Reporting the assessment, Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Ly said “After three years of implementation and application of the quality management system according to ISO standards, one of the strengths of the UEB is that the leaders always affirm the commitment, maintenance of the quality management system and found the system as a effective tool to support management activities. The university has a competent staff and faculty, clear and convenient document system. At the time of assessment, the university has no particularly weak point. However, the UEB leader should pay attention to the existing rules in the document system to improve them”. The group would request the Quacert to certify the quality management system to the university, said Ms Ly.
At the closing ceremony, the specialists  listened to the feedback and the plan from the university in the coming time. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Anh Tai said, “The university recognized the consultancy of the specialists and will give effort to enhance the effectiveness of the management system during the next three years”.

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