VNU-UEB: 10 Outstanding Achievements in academic year 2012-2013

In 2012-2013, VNU-UEB has overcome resource constraints and basically completed the mission and plan of the academic year. The University has judged and sorted out 10 outstanding achievements of this school year. VNU-UEB’s Website Editorial Board would like to introduce you:

1. The increasingly number of international publications towards high quality standards of the world (ISI and SCOPUS System) and publications in English: School Year 2012-2013, VNU-UEB has maintained the number of research paper published in international journals (18 papers), including 3 papers of ISI and 1 of SCOPUS System and published 4 specialized books in English (Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2013: On bumpy road to the future, Manufacturing and Environmental Management, Innovation and Human Resource Development: A Practical Approach; Vietnam M & A Review: In Search of Synergy).

2. Creating breakthrough in bidding to conduct research at State level, international projects are interdisciplinary, disseminated and connect the lecturers among faculties in University: The academic year 2012-2013, VNU-UEB staff and faculty have won the bid of 4 State-level projects and 2 international projects,  among them is the State-level project “Evaluating the economic impact of climate change to fisheries in the North of Vietnam and suggested solutions” of high cost and scale and also a project to the premise of the team to evaluate the economic impact of natural disasters and climate change on Vietnam economy - society. Then scientific research activities at VNU-UEB are developing professionally and efficiently.

At the International Conference: Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Management
3. Organizing and participate in large-scale international conference, with the high dissemination: In 2012-2013, the VNU-UEB continues to successfully host / co-organized workshops: Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Management. The fourth International conference on Vietnamese Studies “Vietnam on the road to integration and sustainable development” (as the chairman of economic subcommittee), conference to launch Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2013, the second Conference on "Innovation, entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurs”  ... These workshops not only have disseminated effect on society, continue to attract the attention of government agencies, planning policy agencies and enterprises but also create business networks among scientific research units,research institutions in the country and all over the world, contribute to improve the position of the university.

At the Vietnam Youth Science Talent Awards 2012
Staff and students of the university continue to achieve high awards in science research activities: academic year 2012-2013, the efforts of the staff, faculty and students of university have been recognized by the Scientific Research award, including a scientific research of the staff which is the typical research project at VNU level , one scientific research got Bao Son Prize 2012 (for the practical and valuable scientific work in the field of sustainable development) and 5 scientific research awards of students (including 1 Second Prize and 1 Consolation Awards for Vietnam Youth Science Talent 2012, 1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize and 1 Consolation of Scientific Research Student Award at VNU level).

Those awards demonstrate the research results has increasing social contribution and are highly appreciated by the research institutions, experts, and acknowledged by the social with contributions in science and practice of works. This is also the firm steps of VNU-UEB on the path of developing the research-oriented university.

VNU-UEB Rector awarded certificates for outstanding graduates in 2013
Entrance Quality and graduate quality are increasingly enhanced. This is the year with university entrance norm outnumber the plan with benchmarks in the top of leading universities;, 100% of the learners achieved standard outcomes upon graduation; the rate of graduating students of credit and distinction increases. In particular, among the number of students who graduate from the university in 2013, the number of students achieving credit and distinction degree account for 94%, over 100 full-time students has been awarded by the good achievement in academic, working and overcoming difficulties in learning.

A class of students in strategic mission program VNU-UEB
Completing renovation on training programs from undergraduate to doctorate: During 2012-2013, 100% of the curriculum is adjusted according to output standard and 100% of university training programs with a special course description were issued; training methods towards developing virtue, vision, capacity and skills to facilitate and promote student’s creativity. With the completion of training programs from undergraduate to postgraduate students, undergraduate and graduate students will be trained in a professional and more efficient environment, enabled to promote the highest initiative and creativity in their learning path.
At the opening ceremony of short training course "CEO" in Hanoi

Training program for CEO in Hanoi
Create a breakthrough and effectively implement in the short training courses with local authorities and businesses: In the academic year 2012-2013, the school continued to receive orders for short-term training for local and business, among them wear the typical trainings: Training program of CEO for Trade Corporation Hanoi - HAPRO; training program "Management of Technology and Business Development in a sustainable way "for Yen Bai province; Training course "Improve enterprise managing capacity "for Taxi Group Corporation; Training Course" Improving leadership and management" for District Commissioner - Commissioner Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa; training program "strategic management skills and planning in the context of international integration" for the province of Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Phu Tho; training course "Improving Capacity management for mid-level managers "- for PVN; Pilot Training" Chief Executive Officer (CEO)" in the area of
​​Hanoi in 2012 (coorperate with Small and Medium Enterprises supporting center- Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi); skill training courses: "Monitoring Skills", "work assignment skills and the job evaluation", "efficient management skill" for Vingroup; training" Lean Six Sigma Black Bell" for Levis Vietnam Company (in cooperation with URS Co., Ltd.)". Besides, the university also actively implements training course within the framework of Northwest sustainable development programs... This achievement demonstrates that VNU-UEB becomes a trustworthy partner for many local authorities, local businesses to cooperate in training high-quality human resources.

Lecturer of VNU-UEB at the University of Uppsala on a business trip
The faculty and international students exchange increased sharply: 2012-2013, the university has 73 turns of faculty, staff involved in the exchange program in cooperation with local and international partners (57 turns to go abroad), 75 turns of students participating exchange programs (with sponsorship). These trips help to reinforce current networks and cooperations; expand networking opportunities, academic and culture exchange among staff, faculty and students of VNU-UEB with other institutions in the world.
Lecturer Nguyen Manh Tuan was awarded the certificate of the title of Associate Professor

Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuan are recognized the title of associate professor
Staff development, training and fostering continue to get high results: In this year, two additional VNU-UEB staffs are recognized the title of associate professor, which increases the title of associate professor to 17% . Many faculty members were sent abroad under government scholarships, fellowships, according to strategic tasks... This is one of the school's activities which are extremely interested in developing target towards quality and efficiency, particularly training associated with practical approach to international standards.

Awarded the Certificate for coming up to the testing standards in the training unit of VNU (AUN components): With the promotion of innovation in university governance, based on outputs, application of IT in training and service operations management, quality and effectiveness of university activities are enhanced. Accreditation is valued and continues to implement, the university gradually overcome the limitations of each specific area towards achieving accreditation by reputable organizations. 2012-2013, VNU-UEB has got externally standardized assessment and have accreditation of training units in the accreditation criteria of VNU (AUN components).

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