Science and Training Council Meeting Session at VNU-UEB in 2013

On 20th Aug 2013, the meeting session of Science and Training Council at VNU University of Economics and Business in 2013 was held and chaired by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Rector, Council Chairman.

Attending the meeting were the members of the Science and Training Council (STC) including Mr. Truong Dinh Tuyen - Former Minister of Ministry of Commerce, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sc. Vo Dai Luoc - General Director of Vietnam Asia-Pacific Economic Center, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Bo Linh - Vice Chairman of National Assembly’s Committee of the Science, Technology and Environment, Dr. Dinh Quang Ty - Central Theoretical Council ...
Besides those members, there were also the guests: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sc. Nguyen Dinh Duc - Director of Academic Affairs Department, VNU, Dr. Luu Van Thanh - Chairman cum General Director of Vietnam Luu Hung Phat, authorized representative of Thakral Corporation (Singapore) - a strategic partner of VNU-UEB attending the meeting.

Addressing the opening speech, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son would like to receive a lot of opinions and contributions of the Council for Scientific and Training activities of the university.

At the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - Vice Rector of VNU-UEB, Member of the Council presented the final report on scientific and training activities of the 2012-2013 academic year and the key missions of the next academic year 2013-2014. The report highlights the outstanding achievements on many activities the last academic year, the remains, the cause of those problems and solutions. The theme of academic year 2013 - 2014 of VNU-UEB is: "Continued innovation and development in depth, towards research university."

Assoc.Prof Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh presented at the meeting

Next, the participants heard Dr. Vu Anh Dung - Vice Rector of VNU-UEB present some issues to consult the Council, focusing on three key issues: (i) The direct to effectively implement the investment projects to enhance the capacity; continued investment in the development of key research programs with specialized products of the research team, maintaining the number of international publication in the International Journal of ISI and Scopus system. (ii) Planning of specialized training system in accordance with the requirements of development (especially the opening of 3 new Master training programs (Master of Business Administration with international standards, International Master of Management of Financial Institutions, Master of Public Policy) and 1 doctoral program (PhD in Economics Management). (iii) Research program on sustainable business administration associated with transferring and socializing those research products.

Dr. Vu Anh Dzung presented issues to consult the Council

The Council has discussed and provided important feedbacks on the above issues. On the basis of the agreement with the tasks of VNU-UEB, some opinions and comments were added to the university on a number of specific issues.
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sc. Vo Dai Luoc highly appreciated the results of science and training in the last academic year, as well as the patience in research-oriented development. He said that the branding has been done in good ways. Giving feedbacks on the implementation of the research program on “Sustainable business administration”, he says this is an appropriate research program under the current economy. In addition, while making comments on the issue of training, specifically on curriculum, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sc. Vo Dai Luoc says that the university should coordinate with the National Economics University to build up and use a common curriculum...

Agree with the opinion of Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sc. Vo Dai Luoc, Mr. Truong Dinh Tuyen said that, despite the small scale, VNU-UEB has made a real difference, especially in the research and training products. Talking about training, he suggested including a number of students in some research programs to enhance creative thinking for students, thereby increasing the quality of graduated students. About the research program “Sustainable Business Administration”, he advised to put more stress on local businesses. He also suggested the implementation of the research program: assessing the impact of the integration process on Vietnam's economic growth.


Giving comments on the new training programs which are expected to implement soon, Dr. Dinh Quang Ty agrees that those majors are really necessary; however, the preparation of the basis and descriptions should be made more specific before sending them to VNU’s approval process. He also noted that creating financial resources for scientific research should be made in a long-term manner, or the development of the key missions should be adhered to some of the weak points.

The Commissioners and the participants gave many ideas and consultancy to VNU-UEB

Besides, there are many other comments made at the meeting including Dr. Nguyen Tien Dzung - Chairman of Gami Group, Commissioner, who highly appreciated the opening of M.Sc. of Management of financial institutions in the context of weak governance in Vietnam's banks now. He also stressed on an increase in the scale of the international standardized bachelor program in Business Administration and development of the same program on master of business administration.

Also, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Bo Linh stated his views on criteria for international journals. Dr. Luu Van Thanh proposed building up the study program on assessment of the current state of Vietnam enterprises, then navigating them in the crisis...

To summarize the meeting session, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Chairman of the Science and Training Council summed up the opinions as well as the comments of the members, and said that those suggestions would be forwarded to the Management Board of the University, consulting management board to guide the implementation of missions for the next academic year.
On behalf of the University’s leaders, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son said thank to the members of Council and the delegates who attended and contributed valuable comments to the University, and expressed the hope to have the cooperation of the council members and the delegates in the VNU-UEB’s activities next time.
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