Office of General Administration




Dr. Pham Viet Thang

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 ext. 421



Deputy Head:

MA. Pham Bich Ngoc

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 ext. 303



Deputy Head:

MA. Vu Minh Duc

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 ext. 402





1. Functions:

The UEB’s Office of General Administration provides advice to the Rector on monitoring management activities of administrative affairs, infrastructures and logistic tasks.

2. Responsibilities:

a) Administration, documents and archives:

- Performing reception tasks, responsible for internal and external relations of the university;

- Implementing ISO tasks of the university;

- Instructing other units in developing the UEB brand name;

- Assisting the Rector in designing and releasing documents (regulations, guidelines…); administrative and archives documents,

- Instructing, implementing and monitoring the administrative management and archival missions in accordance with regulations of the UEB and the State;

- Managing, delivering and receiving official dispatches and other documents under archival responsibility; archive documents and protect confidential documents according to regulations of the State;

- Managing the legislation of documents; providing counsel and examine legal basis and other procedures before releasing;

- Issuing cards, introductory letters and travel documents for staff going for business under the Rector’s decision (excluding independent accounting units);

- Distributing stationery, printing documents (envelops, name card, banner, flyers, etc.);

- Performing authentication of copies from original documents issued by VNU-UEB, make copies of documents relevant to the UEB;

- Supervising the seal of the university (except the seal of the Communist Party committee, unions and centers) and make use of the seal according to State regulations;

- Developing informatics and modernization programs for the administrative management of the archives of the university.

b) Periodical tasks, synthesis and statistics:

- Guiding and monitoring the work of synthesis and statistics periodically and annually;

- Giving counsel and issuing documents (regulations, guidelines) to support the Rector in management of periodical tasks, synthesis and statistics;

- Collecting information, arranging working schedules at the university; managing working schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) of the UEB management board. Instructing and supervising other units in implementing their tasks;

- Composing periodical reports according to the University’s guidelines. Supervising the implementation of the Rector’s decision and conclusions at periodical meetings;

- Preparing reception and logistic tasks for meetings of leaders and annual conferences of the university;

- Developing and managing the statistical database of the whole university for administrative reporting.

c) Infrastructure:

- Providing advice for the Rector on monitoring and managing all activities regarding infrastructure and facilities;

- Planning and purchasing facilities; managing the entire facilities and assets, inventorying and liquidating assets based on the regulations;

- Annually planning repair and improvement of the infrastructure and facilities of the UEB;

- Managing and distributing the utilization of vehicles of the university.

d) Security, militia and national defense:

- Implementing protection, security and fire prevention of the university buildings and property;

- Standing permanently available for militia, national defense and national security;

- Examining, supervising and proposing solutions for the implementation of security and safety in all cases.

e) Performing other related duties, as assigned by the Rector.



  • Sub-division of Office administration
  • Sub-division of Infrastructure
  • Sub-division of Information Collecting
  • Sub-division of Lecture Hall Management
  • Sub-division of Reception
  • Sub-division of Security
  • Sub-division of Driver



Office of General Administrations, VNU University of Economics and Business

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