History of Economic Thoughts

This book was published in order to expand, improve, supplement and complete the knowledge about history of thoughts or history of economic theories. This textbook is used as advanced reference materials for the course titled “History of Economic Thoughts or Economic Theories” for students at the College of Economics - VNU. This book is also used as reference for those who are interested in history of economic thoughts, history of economic theories, and economic policies of the Government in the past and present.

Title: History of Economic Thoughts

Author: Pham Van Chien

Publisher: VNU Publishing House

Published year: 2003

Published place: Hanoi

Format: 14.5 x 20.5cm

Number of pages: 172

This book explains the development of economic thoughts under the development of economic awareness process followed by the rules of awareness. This book introduces the development of economic thoughts of the human beings through the question and answer system. Most of the questions are “why”, not “what” or “how”, and they are used for finding out objective research methods sought after by various economic schools as well as their contributions to economic science and their inheritance from previous economic schools. Some questions are controversial regarding dogmas which are set up in some curriculum. These questions focus on the nature of the thoughts, and economic theories which textbooks on history of economic thoughts or economic theories so far have failed to come up with any solutions.

This book can be found at VNU library and other big libraries in Viet Nam.

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