Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2010 – Choices for Sustainable Growth

In early 2009, the Vietnam Centre for Economic and Policy Research released the Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2009: Recession and the Challenges of Change. This was the first in a series of VEPR’s annual economic reports. The report was a compilation of different papers whose authors are modern Vietnamese economists. The first publication gained much critical respect by readers, including policy makers and economic experts.

Title: Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2010 – Choices for Sustainable Growth

Author: Edited by Nguyen Duc Thanh

Publisher: Knowledge Publishing House

Published year: 2010

Published location: Hanoi

Format: 16x24cm

Number of pages: 403

In particular, the Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2009 was reviewed and referred by high ranking policy makers. Additionally, The VCP’s Central Theoretical Council had officially sent a requirement to the University of Economics and Business to order the reports annually, considering them as a useful reference serving the need for theoretical development on the Vietnamese economy in the current context.

Realizing the value of the report, the leaders of the Vietnam National University, Ha Noi and the University of Economics and Business have decided to commit funding for this project to enable the team to keep conducting high quality research and producing a unique intellectual product.

Following the success of the 2009 report, we would like to introduce the Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2010: Choices for Sustainable Growth. The context of this year’s report is that the Vietnamese economy is rebounding and heading toward recovery after the most damaging global crisis since the Great Depression (1929-1933). However, in spite of observing positive signs of recovery, the Vietnamese economy still faces great challenges, which are results of the crisis, these include: macroeconomic imbalances accumulated during the recent years; the government’s inexperience in policy mix and implementation; and the need for enhancing structural reforms to adapt with the post-crisis world. This reality means that Vietnam must  make choices for a number of new strategies to adjust to the new situation. That is the main reason for the research team to pursue the theme as depicted in the title of the Report this year.

In addition to providing information and knowledge to the readers as enterprises, organizations and academia, the reports are also expected to be an effective channel for policy dialogues and discussions between the concerning parties and the government.

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