Book: Abandoning a product and a brand name

The book which is guiding how to work out specific strategies and processes for abandoning products and brand names, is a good reference for businesses.

 Author: Vu Anh Dzung

Publishing House: Science and Technology Publishing House

Year of Publication: 2013

Place of Publication: Hanoi

Format: 13 x 20.5cm
Abandoning a product or brand name is not a simple but risky decision. What helps leaders of businesses realize that abandoning a product or brand name is useful for the better development and higher value for other products, brand names or business fields of enterprises?
When abandoning a product or a brand name, businesses often face with several risks: losing market share, existing customers and respective  revenue; competition emerging from the abandoned product or brand name being hold by the third party…How to actively build appropriate product/brand name abandoning strategy relevant to the company’s strategy?
From the lesions of local and foreign product/brand name abandoning cases, the book, guiding how to build specific strategies and processes for abandoning products/brand names, is an useful reference document for businesses so as to help them minimize or eliminate risk and generate more dividend for shareholders.
P&G ever had 250 brand names covering more than 160 countries, yet only 10 leading brand names, including Pampers, Tide and Bounty, make up half of its sale and profit, and 66% sale growth during 1992-2002 period. Its rival, Unilever, also abandoned 1,200 brand names to focus on 400 brand names in the early 2000s.
Nestlé in 1996 had 8.000 brand names covering 190 countries. Among them, 55 have been global brand names, 140 regional brand names, and the remaining are local ones. Profit of Nestlé comes mainly from some 200 brand names, equivalent to 2.5% of its total brand names.
The book helps business people answer the question “How should businesses abandon their products/brand names so that they can minimize risks and raise business efficiency?” by giving answer for the following questions: In what situations enterprises should abandon their brand names? What strategies and methods useful for enterprises to quit certain products/brand names?
The book Abandoning Product and Brand name - Model, Strategy and Inside Stories of International Brand names published by the Publication Center – Science and Technology Publishing House, No.70 Tran Hung Dao st., Hoan Kiem dist., Hanoi. Phone (04) 38.220.686; HCMC branch - 0838.296.628, No.28, Dong Khoi st., District 1. 

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