Economic expert delivers lecture at the UEB

On the 13 March 2014, students of honor training program of International Economics, UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics participated in a lecture on “tools and modes for trade policy analysis”.

Delivering the lecture was Mr. Paul Baker, who is an economist, specialized on macroeconomics and international trade. He has given consultancy to more than 60 countries and helped them with FTA negotiation phases. Currently, he is an expert of trade and investment policies in Europe (EU - MUTRAP), in particular in terms of EU - Vietnam FTA Impact Assessement. Attending the lecture, there were also FIBE’s Vice Dean Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu and other faculty members and students of the honor training program of the faculty.

Mr. Paul Baker and Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu at the lecture

During the lecture, Mr. Baker presented the effective employment of tools of trade policy analysis such as SIA Methodology, CGE Models, etc. and a partial equilibrium model used by policy makers to simulate the results of the trade policy changes. By an open presentation and suggestive communication, Paul Baker has created a lively atmosphere for the thematic lecture. The students actively participated in discussions with the experts, together with the faculty member learn about the current trade issues as well as clarify the data source and standard economic model for their own research field.
The lecture has brought useful knowledge to the students, providing them with a practical approach and the application of economic models, economic framework and legal agreements in bilateral and regional trade.
The lecture like this was regularly held by the UEB’s FIBE. The faculty planed to organize more similar thematic activities to give opportunities for students to expand knowledge and improve understanding in the areas of economics.

Mai Huong - Linh Nhi

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