HPM - A model to improve productivity for Vietnamese manufacturers

On March 21st 2014, the UEB’s Center for Business Administration Study (CBAS) and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) have organized an international workshop on High Performance Manufacturing - A model to improve productivity and quality for Vietnamese manufacturers.

Attending to the workshop were HPM specialists such as Prof. Yoshiki Matsui (Yokohama National University, Japan), Prof. Tomoaki Shimada (Kobe University, Japan), Prof. James Ang (Singapore National University).
From the VNU University of Economics and Business, there were the Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Truc Le, CBAS Director Dr. Phan Chi Anh and other leaders of UEB’s offices. The workshop also drew the attendance of many managers and representatives from Vietnamese enterprises, researchers from other universities and institutes.


The UEB Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son speaks to open the workshop

The workshop was held to introduce an approach to High Performance Manufacturing model, which focuses on the customers, promoting the flexibility on each production stage as well as the entire supply chain to be able to provide high quality products at the minimum cost.
The manufacturing model is designed to operate based on a global-level coordination combined with the local resources and the business relationship to meet the existing issues of scarce resource. Therefore, new business can beat their competititors to dominate the increasingly fierce market.

Prof. Tomoaki Shimada - researcher from Kobe University, Japan

At the workshop, specialistss from Yokohama National University, Kobe University and Singapore National University have shared their experience and the significance of employing HPM model after a global survey within High Performance Manufacturing project. The survey was implemented in Japan, the USA, Germany, Italy, Korea, etc in the following aspects supply chain, human resources management, information system, Just-In-Time model (JIT model), manufacturing strategy, quality management, technology, development of new product and performance of business enterprises.
The researchers have presented their papers on an introduction on the approach and overview on HPM (Prof. Tomoaki Shimada), the importance of manufacturing to each economy (Prof. James Ang), and how JIT and quality management improve the productivity.


Prof. James Ang (Singapore National University) delivers a speech


Prof. Yoshiki Matsui (Yokohama National University) is in his presentation

 After the presentations, Vietnamese particiapants and researchers have discussed with the foreign specialists on the application and roadmap of HPM model in Vietnam businesses. In particular, some people concerned whether the model is appropriate for small and medium enterprises, and the evaluation criteria in the HPM questionnaire are different between make-to-order manufacturing and mass production.

CBAS Director Dr. Phan Chi Anh chaired the Q&A session

After the heated discussion, the workshop successfully ended with the thorough advisory given by the specialists to representatives of Vietnamese enterprises.
If there is any comment and suggestion about the workshop or registration to HPM project, please send to the Centre for Business Administration Study, VNU University of Economics and Business, at the email address:

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