Bao Son Prize 2013 honors research of Medicine and Pharmacy

President of Bao Son Group awards the prize to the research team
June 14th 2014, the VNU University of Economics and Business and Bao Son Group have successfully held the awarding ceremony of Bao Son Prize 2013.

Attending the ceremony were representatives of ministries, departments and research institutes as well as leaders of Vietnam National University Hanoi, the two prize’s co-founders Bao Son Group and the VNU University of Economics and Business. The ceremony gathered the scientists who are members of the Judging Council of Bao Son Prize 2013, together with representatives of the wining teams last years.
After two rounds of careful and objective selection, the Judgin Council have picked up an outstanding work in the Medicine and Pharmacy field for honor. It is a study on the Rotavirus research and Rotavirus vaccine production in Vietnam by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Thi Luan and her research team at the Center for Vaccine Research and Production of Biologicals (POLYVAC). The prize values at US$40,000.


VNU-UEB Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Truc Le  announces the winner of Bao Son Prize 2013 and the prizing procedure

Bao Son Prize is an award within the  business - entrepreneurs award system, founded by Bao Son Tourism and Construction Investment Group JSC. (Bao Son Group) in 2010, devoted to outstanding research works, which is highly practical, has been applied in practice and contributed to the development of the country.
Acting as the prize’s standing agency, the VNU University of Economics and Business has collaborated with Bao Son Group in annual planning of the prize. The researches are sent to the university for preliminary record and admission then the Council held the next rounds to get comments, assessment from leading scientists in relevant fields; finally picking out an excellent work to submit to the Bao Son Fund President for approval.

Through the two rounds of review and selection, the Council members have agreed about the new findings and practical contribution of the study.
The study has been implemented for 16 years, approved as the excellent research at ministry level and state level. In particular, a ministry level research in 2005 on Rotavirus vaccines to diarrhea among Vietnamese children granted the exclusive right under the title “the process of detect the demotivated Rotavirus to produce vaccines against diarrheal diseases.” 
In addition, the research project on the manufacturing processes of Rotavirus vaccine by drinking to prevent diarrhea in Vietnam is a milestone in vaccinology, marking the first time when the country has successfully produced Rotavirus vaccine based on local strains with international technology updates. Another state-level research is studying the safety and immunogenicity of demotivated Rotavin-M1 vaccine in preventing diarrhea for Vietnamese children. As a result, Rotavin-M1 vaccine has been licensed for circulation in Vietnam, which have been produced and widely used from May 8/2012 in the country.
The success has affirmed Vietnam’s second position among Asian coyntries and is one of four countries in the world (after the United States, Belgium and China) who produced Rotavirus vaccine with modern international technology, that gives high efficiency to the economy and the society.
Speaking at the awarding ceremony, representiaves of the prize granters from Bao Son Group and Vietnam National University, National Assembly’s Commission of Science, Technology and Environment have expressed their congratulations to the winning researchers. They also highly appreciated the contribution of Bao Son Prize in the honor of the scientists in the development of the country.


President of Bao Son Group Mr. Nguyen Truong Son speaks at the ceremony


Vice President of VNU Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc


... and Asso.Prof.Dr. Le Bo Linh congratulate the winning research team of Bao Son Prize

It is the third year Bao Son Prize is held to honor deserving research projects. At present, the prize was awarded to four projects with total amount of $120,000. As expected, Bao Son Prize 2014 will be launched in July 2014 5 for five areas: Education and Training, Poverty and Hunger Reduction, Medicine - Pharmacy, Sustainable Development and Literature. Each prize is valued at $50,000.

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