2013 - 2014 students’ research competition at UEB level

The research group present their project to the judges’ board
The student research conference at VNU University of Economics and Business 2013 - 2014 was held successfully on June 18th 2014 and there were two most excellent projects to be awarded the First Prize.

Attending the conference were Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice Rector; staff, faculty members who are member of the Assessment Board, groups of student who have selected projects and staff, lecturers, and students interested in scientific research activities.
Before, each faculty has organized student research conference and chose out 17 best projects to participate in school-level student research conference. These projects had been sent to the scientists/scholars from universities and research institutes in the social-economic sector in the country for evaluating and grading. The Organizing Committee has selected best nine projects to present at Students Research Conference at school level this year.
 The students made presentation on the results of the research project, emphasize the key points, highlight the new way of approaching and using  the methodology... This year, the topic of student research projects selected are very diversified, including new and updated issues  of social significance, such as the impact of trade integration ASEAN+3, middle-income trap, the role of the funding for social enterprise development, brand extension from the perspective of the consumer, lean management…
Discussions between the Assessment Council and the research team were also very exciting when council members made arguments, close criticism and sharp questions to the students

Dr. Nguyen Truc Le awarded the first prize for two most excellent projects

After a hard-working day, the Assessment Council decided to award two first prizes for: (1) "Brand extension from the point of view of consumers in Vietnam. Case applied with the brand Vinamilk" of the group Tran Quang Thang (QH-2012-E Finance and Banking) and Dang Thi Lien (QH-2011-E Business Aministration), (2) “Impacts of trade integration in ASEAN+3 on Vietnam’s trade flow in fisheries sector: Gravity Model Approach" of the group Vu Van Trung, Nguyen Thi Huong, Le Thi Thanh Xuan (QH-2011-E international economic).
According to council members, these projects were of practical significance; presentation and Q&A part were also very good.

This year, there are three projects were awarded the second prize

Second prize belongs to the topics: (1) "Designing a model for implementing Lean management in Vietnam manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises" of the group QH-2010-E Business Administration, (2) "The effects of air pollution on the incidence of tuberculosis and lifespan in the ASEAN area" of the group  QH-2011-E Development Economics, (3) "A cluster-based Approach for Identifying ASEAN 5 +3 Possibility of forming a common currency" of the group QH-2011-E Finance and Banking.
This year, the Assessment Council awarded the third prize for 4 projects and other works are awarded the consolation prizes.

Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet (leftmost) and Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu (rightmost) awarded the third prize for 4 projects.

Sharing after the conference, student Tran Quang Thang - one of two members of the research group from Faculty of Finance and Banking and Faculty of Business Administration says: having the common interest in marketing; two members of the group of different major have decided to choose this field of research. "Seeing the current situation in which more and more foreign enterprises invade in Vietnam market, the pressure set for the Vietnamese brand to confirm and compete is very high. Therefore, the goal of this study is to show the implications for local businesses in this context".
On behalf of the group, Thang also gave thanks to the instructor - Dr. Pham Thi Lien and other lecturers in 2 faculties and members in Young Economic Club (YEC) who have helped the groups much from the early days of the study.

UEB Faculty and students at the Students Research Conference 2013-2014

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