International conference on Global and Sustainable Supply Chain

(From the left) Dr. Phan Chi Anh, Prof. Yoshiki Matsui (Yokohama National University) and Dr. Nham Phong Tuan at the conference
The Asia-Pacific Region of the Decision Sciences Institute (APDSI), the Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management (ASCOM), and the Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (JOMSA) have jointly held their annual international conference Global and Sustainable Supply Chain. The conference took place from 19th to 22nd July, 2014 at Yokohama National University.

The main theme of the conference was about “Global and Sustainable Supply Chain in the 2010s”, which attracted the presence of about 130 scholars and entrepreneurs from around the world. The conference is an international forum for researchers and business to discuss and exchange their ideas or new initiatives in current issues of strategic management.

The faculty members of the VNU University of Economics and Business, Dr. Phan Chi Anh and Dr. Nham Phong Tuan, have attended and presented their research paper at conference. Both of them have presented on quality management and customer satisfaction in the retail banking sector and in Vietnam. Two presentations have received many constructive comments of the delegates at the conference in order to improve the quality of the study and suggested further research directions.

he conference was valuable opportunity for the UEB faculty members to learn and share their experiences in this research theme. This is also a chance for them to seek funding and cooperation in research, and to host the similar conferences in Vietnam in the near future.

Phong Tuan - Thuy Dzung

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