Workshop on identifying modern political Economy: Views and approaches

On 10th November, 2014, the VNU University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Political Economics successfully held a Workshop on "Identifying modern political Economy: Views and approaches".

Attending the Workshop were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Cao Doan, Vietnam Institute of Economics, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Ngoc Hien, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Dung, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Dr. Bui Dai Dung, Faculty of Development Economics together with lecturers, fellows and graduates of Faculty of Political Economics.

Opening the workshop, Dr. Tran Quang Tuyen, Associate Dean of Faculty of Political Economics delivered his speech, stating the purpose as well as importance of the Workshop and introducing the participants inside and outside the university. Next, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dung, Dean of Faculty of Political Economics made a presentation with the theme "Reviewing 40 years of training and research of Faculty of Political Economics - UEB". The report mentioned some key points of the importance of Faculty of Political Economics and proposed some issues related to political economy in need of being solved in the current context.

At the Workshop, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Cao Doan made a presentation with the theme "Modern political Economy from the history aspect", discussing the need and significance of modern political economy for the development of science and practices, research object and method of political economy,... He concluded that the economy development in the new context led to the need for changing the research object, method and content of political economy.

Additionally, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Ngoc Hien presented the topic "Vision and method: Identifying modern political Economy". The presentation confirmed the correctness in research orientation of the Faculty of Political Economics; proposed using the concept: “Vision and method: Identifying modern political Economy" to analyze the changes of existing political economy in comparison with modern political economy in the early 21stcentury, which aimed at responding to deep and rapid changes and overcoming the old methods and thinking.

There were also discussion and many important and practical contributions to the political economics. Opening the discussion part, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Danh Ton, lecturer at Faculty of Political Economics said that organizing such workshop chain was a significant scientific activity and the research questions were very useful for both lecturers and scientists. He also requested further clarification for the phrases: modern political economy; appearance of modern political economy in Vietnam.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Dung, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies said that the Workshop should distinguish Political Economics with Marxist-Leninist Political Economics to specify its object and functions; discuss the role and importance of Political Economics in the eyes of international scholars and Vietnam; and gather economic experts to carry out research.

To close the Workshop, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dung  thanked to the participants for their valuable and practical suggestions and contributions as well to the Faculty of Political Economics. At the same time, he expressed his desire that the Faculty of Political Economics would organize more practical and meaningful Workshops in the coming period.

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