UNDP approved GDPRTE Project’s plan in 2015

On 11th February, 2015, UNDP approved the work plan in 2015 of the GDPRTE Project which VNU is national implementing partner and University of Economics and Business is implementing line agency.

According to the approved work plan, in 2015, the project will focus on research activities and the implementation of component reports on research topics: (1) Banking sector’s role and products towards green development and investment (Green banking); (2) Green consumption and environmentally friendly lifestyle (Green consumption); (3) Green procurement of the government; (4) Green logistics (forwarding service). This activity was undertaken to build an evidence base for green growth. The policy analysis will be based on the basis of researches and international experiences to effectively solve the problem of climate change and green growth, focusing primarily on countries with socio-economic conditions similar to Vietnam. Each topic will analyze the shortcomings and problems in the context of Vietnam’s policies.

The component reports in 2015 will be consulted by well-experienced domestic and international experts for its’ finalization and publication by the end of 2015.

Beside research activities, the project also initiated training activities such as planning and implementing the first training course of green growth and climate change for trainers, evaluating and analyzing existing problems of training programs on climate change and green growth with VNU-UEB’s partners in order to update and develop syllabus, modules and materials of green growth.

In 2015, Component NAMA will g begin with organizing activities in collaboration with provincial government of Quang Ninh in developing low carbon emissions program (NAMA), with the participation of international experts.

At the beginning of 2015, the project will build assessment criteria and conduct potential researches on building NAMA actions as the basis for completing the NAMA action proposals by the year of 2006.

The activities in the work plan 2015 received consultation from UNDP and relevant sides to achieve the overall objectives of the project.

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