Application of Lean Startup in building development strategy of US and Vietnam enterprises

The title is the theme of the conference held on 10th March 2015 under the corporation between Faculty of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business and Prof. Everett E. Myers (New York University, the US).

Attending the conference, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai - Dean, Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh, Dr. Pham Thi Lien - Associate Dean together with lecturers and staffs of the Faculty. Dr. Do Tien Long - Head of Department of Strategic Management chaired the conference.

At the conference, Prof. Myers presented issues related to business planning, lean startup methodology in building development strategy for enterprises as well as recommendations for Vietnamese enterprises. According to the Professor, Lean Startup is a new approach in building strategy and business plan, unlike the traditional process of building business planning, lean startup methodology bases directly on customer’s demand and will be adjusted frequently. Lean Startup philosophy seeks to eliminate wasteful practices, which is applied in building strategy in order to create a dynamic and flexible one, satisfying customer’s demand. In his presentation, Prof. Myers also discussed the application procedure of Lean Startup in formulating strategies and shared experiences of applying Lean Startup in some enterprises in the US.

After the talk of Prof. Myers, the conference received lively participation from lecturers on how to apply Lean Startup effectively in building strategies for Vietnamese enterprises. Participants also discussed and suggested a number of industries, which are possible to apply Lean Startup.

Prof. Everett E. Myers took paragraph with lecturers of Faculty of Business Administration

Ending the conference, Dr. Do Tien Long confirmed that application of new approach in business and building strategies in accordance with changes in modern business management attracted huge interest from managers, leaders, organizations and enterprises. With extremely useful information provided by Prof. Myers, the conference has opened up opportunities for lecturers of UEB to access and learn the advanced management thinking of nations worldwide.

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