Consultation Conference on the Report of current situation of Green Growth education in Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu (centered) – Vice Rector of the UEB, Deputy Director of the Project chaired the conference
Within the framework of the project "Capacity building for policy research and training and education to advance green development" (GDPRTE) leaded by the VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB), on 25th December 2015, the Project held the consultation conference on the report of current situation of Green Growth Education in Vietnam.

The conference aims at connecting and consulting with relevant parties to gather information for the report of current situation of Education on Green Growth in Vietnam, which focuses on feasibility of proposed training forms in order to ensure the harmony between the training forms and capabilities of the university.

The conference attracted interest from over 50 participants, representing the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment, the Association of Vietnamese Administrators, VNU University of Economics and Business, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam University of Commerce, National Economics University, Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Science, Vietnam Forestry University, University Transport Technology, University of Transport and Communications.

Overview of the conference

At the conference, Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Ha - Head of the consulting team of the Project presented the results of preliminary survey on current situation of education on green growth. From the results of survey and in-depth interviews with state and provincial officials, business leaders as well as leaders, lecturers and students from eleven universities across the country, the research team gave analysis of current situation of education and training on green growth and sustainable development, assess the needs and feasibility of proposed education and training forms. Final results of the research will be announced in February 2016, which sets as a basis for designing of the training programs for green growth.

Thereon, the research team consulted experts and participants at the conference on feasibility of different forms of green growth education, such as combination of knowledge and green growth tools to current training programs, building a separated training program or opening a new one.

In discussion session, the project received various comments and contribution from participants on contents, manner and duration of each training form as well as difficulties and challenges in implementation of the proposed training program on green growth.

All comments and suggestions gathered at the conference will be reviewed and stated in the final report on current situation of green growth education, which proposed suggestions for building the training programs in subsequent years.

Participants takes a shot at the conference

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