International publication increased sharply - an encouraging achievement of the UEB

International cooperation activities of the University contribute to improving research capacity of the lecturers
In recent years, number of international publication of the University increased sharply, while research capacity of the faculty members is increasingly approaching international standards.

In 2016, VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) was ranked highly on the ISI (SSCI – Social Sciences Citation Index) among the top 15 universities in Vietnam. This result was announced by S4VN Project (
Scientometrics for Vietnam) in SSCI statistics table, which named 15 educational institutions leading in number of ISI articles from 2011 to 2015 (1st January 2011 to 26th October 2015).

Accordingly, in this sector, VNU ranked No. 2 with 14 articles, including 13 articles contributed by the UEB. Moreover, the index measuring the quality of published articles is highly valued, with citation ranking of No. 3 and index H of No. 2.

This achievement gained thanks to passion and tireless efforts of the lecturers and researchers of the University. Especially, in recent years, international publications of the UEB are rising sharply with increasing quality, research capacity of faculty members is approaching international standards.

Particularly, in the school year 2015-2016, the UEB continued to increase the number of international publication with 18 articles in ISI/Scopus system among overall 34 international articles. These also include articles posted in prestigious journals, such as Applied Mathematical Modeling; Expert Systems with Applications; Environmental and Resource Economics; Journal of Business Ethics; International Journal of Production Economics; International Journal of Simulation Modeling.

The number of articles published in international journals of ISI/Scopus of the UEB in recent years

Number of international articles compared to domestic ones of the UEB in recent years

Some of the topics in the published articles can be listed as: Assessing the international competitiveness of the textile industry of Vietnam; Growth, poverty and income inequality in Vietnam in the context of globalization; Vietnam's integration with the regional economies; Vietnam Tea Industry: Analysis from the value chain approach; Strategic role of Asian countries in global value chains; Ecological impact of tropical storms in Ky Anh coastal area (Ha Tinh, Vietnam); Applying Kaizen in small and medium enterprises in Vietnam; Income and inequality among ethnic minorities in the northwest, Vietnam; Factors contributing to the development of retail banking services in Hanoi, Vietnam; Green Banking - International experiences and prospects for Vietnam etc.

The index of published articles over each lecturer of the UEB in the last 5 years is 0.68 (69 articles/101 lecturers), exceeding the VNU’s averaged index of 0.5. This can be seen as an encouraging achievement of the University both in theory and practice.

In addition, international cooperation activities largely contributed to enhance capacity of lecturers and staff in research and teaching as well as create environment and international network, enhancing exchange opportunities. Some effective activities can be named as: Lectures with international scholar, Fulbright scholar for example; seminars on
preparation of draft for international articles of Prof. Luc Hens from VRIJE Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium – Currently President of the journal "Environment, Development and Sustainability". Besides, cooperation activities also support publication through organizations, such as Thakral In Sewa. Accordingly, Thakral awarded 10 million VND for five to ten young lecturers per year for articles posted in ISI/Scopus system.

The increase in international publication in recent years has partly reflected the development of the university following the right path of becoming international research-oriented university. It also proved the capacity of UEB’s lecturers in doing research of international standards.

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