Japanese leadership style and experiences for Vietnamese enterprises

On March 29th 2017, School of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics of Business (UEB) in collaboration with Sanno Research Institute - Sanno Institute of Management organized the seminar on “Japanese leadership style and experiences for Vietnamese enterprises”.

The seminar attracted interest from enterprises and individuals having partnership with the School of Business Administration, UEB. Attending the seminar, from Sanno Research Institute, there were Mr. Nobuhiro Taya - Manager of the Marketing Center, Mr. Naito Hidetoshi - Senior consultant, Mr. Sato Yuichiro - Head of Marketing Department. From the UEB, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai - Dean of School of Business Administration, Dr. Do Tien Long - Head of Strategic Management Department, Dr. Do Xuan Truong - Head of Human Resource Management Department. From enterprises, there were representatives of Urban and Housing Development Investment Corporation (Ministry of Defence), TRAPHACO Joint Stock Company, Hanoi Trade Corporation (HAPRO), DOJI Jewelry Group, Ninh Binh VIETTEL Company, Ngan Son JSC of Vietnam Tobacco Corporation and many leaders of small and medium enterprises.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Hai delivers the opening speech

Opening the seminar, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai emphasized: "The School of Business Administration, in collaboration with Sanno Management Institute organizes this seminar to share international achievements in governance, and experiences for application into the country with practical conditions. In addition to presentations and discussions of researchers from Sanno Research Institute and scholars from School of Business Administration, the seminar will also focus on businesses, discussing practical issues of interest and propose solutions".


The research of Dr. Do Xuan Truong raised the viewpoints on the trend of human resource management in the context of globalization and international integration

At the seminar, through the presentation of Mr. Sato Yuichiro, participants had a chance to approach Japanese experiences in training methods in each stage of economic development, emphasizing lifelong employment, labor becomes the property of the company; and how investment in personnel training creates a lot of benefits. Then, Dr. Do Xuan Truong shared his views on the trend of human resource management in the context of globalization and international integration as well as recommended some suggestions for local administrators.

Participants at the seminar were especially interested in Mr. Naito Hidetoshi's discussion, which summarized his study on the Japan's leading taxi company - Nihon Kotsu. The study addressed the values of leadership role in the most difficult time of the company. In his presentation, he also mentioned three key words for the role of governance: objectives, tight communication and trust.


Mr. Naito Hidetoshi presents his research on Nihon Kotsu Company

In the discussion part, business representatives raised practical issues that managers were usually concerned such as: how to enhance the self-study of employees, appropriate work arrangements for the excessive labor in enterprises, suitable treatment regimes in each period...

To conclude and close the seminar, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai indicated that, this was the first international seminar organized by the School of Business Administration in 2017. The seminar focused on priority issues of Vietnamese companies in the context of integration as well as the demand for specialized training in specific areas of business and the role of leaders in the periods of crisis and model transition. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai also sent his sincere thanks to Japanese experts from the SANNO Management Institute, business guests and partners for participating in the event and raising very practical comments for informative sharing and discussion

The participants take a photo at the seminar

The seminar contributed to building and promoting the image of the School of Business Administration as well as helped the School become a bridge among the world's leading training and research centers, transferring international knowledge and experience in business administration to businesses, doing business in Vietnam.

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