Secret of effective personal finance

On September 6th, 2018, Faculty of Banking and Finance, VNU University of Economics and Business held the seminar titled “Secret of effective personal finance” with the participation of speaker Pushpa Wood - Director of the Center for Financial Education and Research” at Masey University.

Dr. Pushpa Wood is currently the director of Center for Financial Education and Research at Masey University. She has had a long time teaching finance for adults in various organizations, having extensive experiences in developing teaching and learning resources in personal finance management. In the field of research, she has conducted research on encouraging people to change their financial behavior in order to achieve their goals and financial freedom. She is one of twenty women to be honored for their contribution for the community with the title of influential women in the community and nonprofit category in 2015. This is New Zealand's prestigious award aimed at recognizing the women who make differences to the people in this country.

Dr. Pushpa Wood talks at the seminar 

At the seminar, Dr. Pushpa Wood talked about the secret of managing personal finance. She gave methods to manage cash flow, such as: Memorizing expenses by day, by week and by month; division of expenditures by categories: need and want; planning savings. For the students, she emphasized that division of expenditures by categories was necessary; the ‘wanted’ items could be saved. For staff and lecturers, Dr. Pushpa Wood offers advice such as: Planning personal and family expenses, involving family members to the spending plan, preparing financial plans for every circumstance.


The seminar provided useful information for lecturers, staff and students of the UEB. This is part of the activities undertaken by the research group on personal finance of Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business. In addition, the group has developed and implemented various activities on personal finance for children, adults and the elderly. Personal finance courses have also been introduced for undergraduate and graduate students at the UEB.

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