UEB’s expert to join Southeast Asia Think Tank Forum

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Director of the Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR), VNU University of Economics and Business recently attended the Southeast Asia Think Tank Forum in Indonesia. The forum aims to promote mutual learning between the experts in the network in order to support regional cooperation and policy dialogue.

The regional policy forum includes discussions on policy issues, which affects the work and the positions of ASEAN experts as well as updates on network activities. In addition, the Forum also discussed about regional policy and economic issues such as democracy, transparency in public-private sector, and the increasing impact of China on small and medium enterprises.

Opening the morning session of the forum, participants listened to the impressive presentation of the Vice President of Indonesian. Under his leadership, Indonesia has been growing rapidly for 30 years at an average rate of 7.4% per year.


The forum also divided the experts into several groups and discussed various economic issues. After three days, the forum ended after many discussions and dialogues to update the economic situation among countries in the region and find a way to solve the domestic economic problems in each country.

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