International conference series (CIECI) from 2013

International Conference "Participation in the ASEAN Economic Community: International Experience and Implications for Vietnam"

International Conference (CIECI 1) "Participation in the ASEAN Economic Community: International Experience and Implications for Vietnam"

The conference was held in Hanoi in 2013. The conference discussed international experiences on economic integration as well as experiences from ASEAN countries and Vietnam when joining AEC. The conference was attended by both national and international delegates, highly appreciated by the media and academics, contributing to raising awareness about AEC in society.

International Conference (CIECI 2) “New international context and its impacts on AEAN economic community”

The conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City, coordinating with the VNU-HCM University of Economics and Law. The conference assessed the impacts of the new international context on the AEC such as East Asian integration issues, EU issues, Chinese strategy and its impacts on the AEC etc. The conference has attracted great attention of the society, promoting research networks among economic universities.

International Conference “Towards AEAN Economic Community (AEC) and policy implications for Vietnam” in cooperation with Central Economic Committee was held in Hanoi in October 2014. The conference was considered a pioneer in the series of events in preparation for the establishment of the AEC by the end of 2015. The conference mainly focused on Vietnam's participation in AEC. The conference was evaluated with spillover effects and positive effects in Vietnam and international community as well, and as a start for the media campaign of the AEC. After this conference, a series of events to prepare for the AEC was implemented by Government agencies.

International Conference (CIECI 3): “Economic Integration in East Asia and Implications for Vietnam’s Enterprises”


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son – Rector of UEB gave the opening speech at the conference.

At the conference, through presentations of economic experts, representatives of state agencies and enterprises, the conference provided a forum for scholars and experts as well as Vietnamese enterprises to discuss the process of economic integration in East Asian; analyzed the opportunities and challenges of integration for Vietnamese enterprises and proposed policy implications for the government and businesses to achieve effective integration.

International Conference held in 2016 (CIECI 4): “Developing border trade: International experience and implications for Vietnam”


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi presented the research topic on the Northwest that the University of Economics and Business development was implementing

The discussion focused on a number of issues such as: Policies on border trade management; Characteristics of border trade activities, including trade in goods and trade in services; Priority areas for border trade development etc. Accordingly, scholars have given lessons for Vietnam in building effective models of development and management of this activity, especially in the Northwest.

International Conference held in 2017 (CIECI 5): "Some theoretical issues and international experience in the management and development of cross-border economic zones”


It received the enthusiastic contribution from the scholars and experts attending the conference. Experts and researchers believed this was an open topic having great significance in terms of practicality. However, this is a controversial issue, so the conference received a lot of comments, sharing and contribution from experts on the necessity of CBEZ development, a number of existing models and proposed models, benefits of participating parties and zones, functions of border economic zones / special economic zones / border economic cooperation zones, suitable policies and management for each zone etc.

International Conference held in 2018 (CIECI 6): "Trade and investment in cross border economic zones”

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Anh Thu gave a speech at the conference 

The conference received a lot of enthusiastic contribution from the scholars and experts. Discussions focused on the impact of policy on promoting formal trade; the general and specific conditions for the establishment of cross-border economic zones, especially the policy consensus between Vietnam and neighboring countries (China, Laos and Cambodia); forecasts on the trade relations between Vietnam and these countries; suggestions for developing various aspects of CBEZs (cooperation of logistics services between the two neighboring countries; connecting transport, trade, investment and policy mechanisms) etc.

The conference created a forum for scientists and experts to share ideas. The research team also collected many new ideas to complete the Topic KX.01.09 / 16-20, which can meet the order requirements of Program KX.01 / 16-20, thereby contributing to promote the socio-economic development of border area and the whole country as well.

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