First step in cooperation with Chung Ang University

On 26th August 2019, VNU University of Economics and Business and Chung Ang University (Korea) held the roundtable entitled “Enhancing the global value chain and the network of human resource between Korea and the countries Cambodia – Laos – Myanmar – Vietnam (CLMV countries): Financial, IT and service sectors”. The roundtable was a part of research project on value chain funded by Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade.

Attending the roundtable, there were nearly 30 scholars, researchers and managers from Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. From VNU University of Economics and Business, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu - Vice Rector, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai - Dean of School of Business Administration, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh - Associate Dean, School of Business Administration.

The roundtable focused on hot topics of value chain in CLMV countries, including development policies for industry and trade, development of financial, IT and service sectors as well as legal basis affecting the development of the sector, opportunities and challenges when Korea and CLMV countries taking part in the value chain of these sectors.

The scholar Soeng Reth from Cambodia presented about the favorable condition of this country, which will attract foreign investors, overview of the foreign direct investment and trade relation between Cambodia and LMV countries and Korea. He also talked about development of ICT in Cambodia as well as gave his opinions about the partnership with these countries in ICT sector.

Dr. Vanxay Sayavong from Laos analyzed the development of financial sector and ICT in Myanmar together with detailed regulations about these sectors, which opened the opportunities for the country to take part in global value chain.

Continuing the discussion at the roundtable, Dr. Ho Chi Dung from VNU University of Economics and Business presented the industry development strategy of Vietnam to 2025, vision to 2035 and pointed out the key sectors for development of the country.


Participants were active in the discussion with many opinions about cooperation opportunities between Korea and CLMV countries. Each CLMV country has attractive, fast growing industries and is attracting foreign investors, including South Korea. Regarding cooperation with Korea, CLMV countries have advantages such as abundant labor and resources, and fast growing economy. Meanwhile, South Korea has the advantage of growth experience, technology and capital. As a result, when the cooperation between countries is strengthened in the value chain, especially in potential industries such as finance, IT and services, each country will earn mutual benefits.

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