Flipped class – Stimulating creativity

Many VNU's lecturers participate in the conference
In order to change the mindset of students, VNU University of Economics and Business in cooperation with member units of Vietnam National University, Hanoi to hold the seminar on flipped class – stimulating creativity on 17th December 2019.

Dr. Nguyen ThiHuong Lien – Associate Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing together with lecturers from University of Foreign Languages and Studies and Center for Physical Education and Sports chaired the seminar. Nearly 100 lecturers and students took part in the event.

The seminar focused on discussing characteristics of students from generation Z and effective teaching methods, applying Microsoft Office in teaching, requirements and roles of lecturers in class, integrating flipped class in Google classroom.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong Lien shares her experience of implementing flipped classes

Speakers participate in the seminar 

Following a flipped class model, students watch online lectures before class. During class, students will be instructed to master skills through various practical exercises and discussions. Flipped class allows lecturers to have more time with each student, which enables the students to learn more effectively.

According to Hamdan and McKnight (2013), in order for a flipped classto take place, there are 4 conditions needed: (i) Flexible teaching environment; (ii) Learning culture; (iii) Intentional content and (iv) Professional educators.

For the flipped class to take place successfully, the online lesson must be attractive to the students. The online courses are designed from 5 to 7 minutes and uploaded to Google classroom so that students can access them anytime, anywhere. Besides, it’s important to evaluate and assess progresses of the students. Instructors can use the tools such asKahoot, Quizizz, Microsoft form, Google form etc. to design online tests. Thereby, teachers can assess the level of comprehension of each student.

The seminar ended with the message to lecturers "Don't just flip the class, flip the instructor".The first thing to do if you want a new approach is to change yourself.

Some other photos in conference:
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