Three lecturers from University of Economics and Business became the Innovation Ambassador of VIBE project phase 2

From left to right: MA. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha, PhD. Trinh Thi Phan Lan, PhD. Hoang Thi Bao Thoa
Within the framework of the Vietnam-Ireland bilateral project funded by the Irish Embassy (VIBE), three lecturers of VNU University of Economics and Business have been recognized as the project's Creative Innovation Ambassadors.

They are PhD. Trinh Thi Phan Lan - Faculty of Finance - Banking, PhD. Hoang Thi Bao Thoa - Faculty of Economics and International Business, MA. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha - Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. These are 3 of 20 VNU’s ambassadors who will participate in the intensive training program in Ireland and take responsibility for building communities as well as contributing to the VNU’s ecosystem in the future.

The project is namedBuilding capacity of academic staff members and senior leaders at Vietnam National University, Hanoi by entrepreneurial approach to foster 21st century skills and attributes in students”

Lecturers were at the certification meeting from VIBE project - phase 1 

Three lecturers of the UEB are those who participated in VIBE project from the early stage (1st and 2nd courses), of which PhD. Trinh Thi Phan Lan and MA. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha were sent to Ireland for 2-week training.

MA. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha successfully organized the "Life depends on you" course for students to inspire and motivate them in life. She also trained the Business Challenge 2019 teams in "Design thinking" organized by the UEB in collaboration with the university's strategic partners.

                          MA. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha was at the training course on Design Thinking 
MA. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha (ao dai, middle) and students in the program "Life depends on you" 

Besides, PhD. Trinh Thi Phan Lan and PhD. Hoang Thi Bao Thoa together with their colleagues developed 2 educational games applied in training and spreading personal financial knowledge. Especially, the game"Financial racing" has been highly appreciated by the market with 3,000 products sold.

PhD. Trinh Thi Phan Lan also actively introduced new teaching methods and received the title of "Excellent Teacher of 2019". She was a member in the composer board of a teaching guide book entitled "Primary Financial Education".

PhD. Trinh Thi Phan Lan (white shirt, middle) joined group activities at VIBE project 
  Some pictures of VIBE plus activity proposed TS. Trinh Thi Phan Lan

Meanwhile, PhD. Thoa gained many achievements in scientific research. She was the lead of 2 research

 projects in startup innovation, and a member of the professional committee of UEB’s Business Challenges 2019 (with participation of more than 100 teams and 60 enterprises) and Vietnam - Korea Business Idea Competition.
Ph.D Hoang Thi Bao Thoa was at the Design thinking course in the UEB's Business Challenges 2019 

The 3 new ambassadors will be leaving for 1-month intensive training in Dublin. This will be a valuable time for them to improve themselves.

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