Macroeconomic policies responding to Covid-19 epidemic

Seminar was about sharings and responsibilities of economic scientists
On 7th April 2020, Faculty of Political Economy, VNU University of Economics and Business held a seminar on "Macroeconomic policies responding to Covid-19 epidemic".

The seminar was held online with participation of all lecturers of the Faculty together with guest speakers. With the topic concerning current global pandemic, nearly 20 discussions were presented at the seminar, reflecting the multi-dimensional views of the overall picture of the economy suffering impacts from Covid-19.

Lectures shared their researches

The seminar also received many ideas from the scholars and experts such as: Covid-19 should be considered as a comprehensive crisis, therefore, it needs accurate, transparent and special information, especially social dialogue; the regulation of the "Invisible Hand" is not only in society but all in nature; Review of the free market economy model; food security in particular and non-traditional security in general, Vietnam's educational policy in a digital era and urgent requirement for innovation and creativity, the risk of "breaking off" of global value chains etc.

Scientific seminars are the beginning of a series of other researches of lecturers and students
Young lecturers actively discussed how to incorporate real-life situations of Covid-19 into the lectures
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