RCES Club: Empower Student Research

In the academic year 2019 - 2020, Research Community for Economics Students (RCES) of the Student Association of VNU University of Economics and Business has continued to fulfill the mission of empowering and creating an ideal environment for students to do scientific research.

With the sponsorship of the Office of Research and Partnership Development and the Youth Union of the University, RCES has achieved great success, the number of students participating in the community is increasing fast, the quality of professional expertise is affirmed. As a result, the community became well-known not only in UEB but also among VNU’s member universities.

Student Research Channel

The Student Research Channel is the communication channel aims at promoting brand name of the UEB. More importantly, the channel is the place to publish research ideas and products in the field of economics, which is conducted by the students. The Channel will help UEB’s students become aware of the importance of scientific research. 

RCES Spreadout, online source for broaden knowledge

Through the website rces.info  and facebook   fanpage, the RCES community provides readers with articles related to data sources, procedure and helpful tools for student scientific research. This is also a forum to share scientific research experiences from high performing groups in student research activities.

During the peak scientific research period (January to April each year), RCES receives many questions from readers asking for assistance in scientific research. Especially, the website is frequently visited.  

RCES Companion - wings for success

The project takes place in form of newbie-buddy model with the buddy (who is experienced in research) helping their newbies in research.

Last school year, with 8 newbie-buddy teams, they won 4 faculty-level prizes in student research.

Defense Trial 2020 - playground for research teams

Defense Trial 2020 has been held for 5 consecutive years. The competition aimed at  creating the playground for research teams to experience the research projects with attractive prizes (First prize: VND 10 million, second prize of VND 6 million and 2 third prizes, each of VND 4 million).


After nearly 1 month of competition, the final night of Defense Trial gathered 4 teams from different faculties with a variety of research topics and research methods. After careful consideration, the jury decided to award the first prize to a research team from the Department of Development Economics with the topic: "Assessing the impact of industrial parks on economic, social and environmental life of people in Hanoi”.

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