Two UEB's lecturers among the top scientists of VNU in 2019

Two lecturers of Faculty of Development Economics, VNU University of Economics and Business were honored to be among the top 10 most influential scientists of VNU.

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen An Thinh - The expert in environmental and natural resource economics

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen An Thinh has greatly contributed to research and teaching of economics of natural resources and environmental management. He has written 15 books published domestically and internationally; published more than 100 domestic articles and more than 20 international articles of ISI/SCOPUS; undertaken more than 50 scientific research projects at all levels.

During nearly 20 years of teaching at VNU, Mr. Thinh has helped many groups of students to get high prizes in the science research competitions for students. Currently, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen An Thinh is the Vice President of the International Association for Landscape Ecology in Vietnam (VN-IALE), and the Editor-in-chief of the Special issue on "Sustainable tourism and environmental consequences and ecological humanities” of the international journal under the list of ISI / SCOPUS.


The Faculty of Development Economics regularly organizes seminars, and attracts many domestic and foreign scholars to attend


Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen An Thinh (The second person from the left)

PhD. Luu Quoc Dat - An expert in the use of Quantitative Statistical Tools for Economic Analysis

PhD. Luu Quoc Dat is one of the typical lecturers - scientists in the field of data science both at VNU University of Economics and Business and VNU, Hanoi. During nearly 7 years of working abroad, he has always been a prominent name in the field of quantitative analysis.


PhD. Luu Quoc Dat (The second person from the right)

PhD. Luu Quoc Dat has also guided many students in the science research competitions for students. In addition, he has supported many students to receive scholarships for internships and postgraduate studies abroad every year.

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