UEB at national seminar “Training human resource in Banking - Finance to meet the social demands”

On 27th December 2007, University of Economics and Business - VNU attended the seminar “Training human resource in Banking - Finance to meet the social demands” at National Conference Center.

The seminar was held by the cooperation among the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and Training and the State Bank of Vietnam. Attending the seminar were participants from Vietnam governmental agencies, ministries, industries; directors of banks and companies; counselors and specialists in Banking - Finance; researchers and representatives from research institutes, universities, central and local press.  

The seminar witnessed many reports and discussions on such problems as: Training and expanding human resource in Banking - Finance in line with social demands; Financial solutions for colleges which train human resource to meet the demands of the society; Requirement for training human resource in Banking - Finance until 2010 and its vision until 2020; Training human resource in Banking - Finance for professional, practical and international purposes; The role of companies in training human resource in general, and in Banking - Finance in particular; Major solutions for upgrading university education and professional education in Banking - Finance to provide the society with skillful human resource… 

On the other side, the organization committee held 27 exhibition stalls for banks and universities related to Banking - Finance to introduce themselves.

Not only attending and providing opinions at the seminar, University of Economics and Business also exhibited documents introducing the University and the Faculty of Banking - Finance; books and science magazines that contain scientific works of staff and students of University of Economics and Business. UEB’s exhibition stall gained much attention of guests coming to get information about the College and its training programs, especially training program in Banking - Finance. Moreover, on this occasion, several company leaders ordered to cooperate with UEB. This was a cheerful signal bringing new hopes with new cooperation, making great contribution to constructing UEB more powerful, strengthening relationship among the State, the University and the Companies - one of great interests of UEB.


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