Scientific conference in coordination with Massey University

Prof. Martin Young is presenting the report "Teaching and researching in Finance"
In order to strengthen the cooperation, to increase the quality of teaching and research, and to make the cooperative relationship closer, from 12 to 13 February 2009 in Hanoi, the University of Economics and Business (UEB) - VNU and Massey University (New Zealand) coordinated to organize the Conference on “Research and Teaching Methodology in Finance and Applied Economics”.

This was the first time the two sides coordinated to organize a conference of which the content is closely connected to the actual teaching and research situation of lecturers. The lecturers from Massey University are all profound lecturers, international experts who have conducted major research projects and are holding key positions at the University and other research organizations… Therefore, the presentations at the Conference were commented on and discussed ebulliently.

Following the introductions about the history of establishment and development of the two institutions, training programs and training materials were the three presentations delivered by Massey University.

In the presentation “Teaching and researching in finance”, Prof. Martin Young mentioned the teaching and researching in the finance field at Massey University. The presentation provided UEB authorities and lecturers with an overview of teaching and researching methodology in finance and banking from an advanced university so as to draw out the particular comparisons and lessons. The participants further discussed the differences in teaching and researching between the finance areas from others.

The presentation “Teaching and researching in economics” was lively delivered by Dr. Do Kim Hang - a Vietnamese working at Massey University with a lot of useful information. She further presented teaching and researching activities in Applied Economics, a subject that has not received adequate attention in Vietnam. This is a particular subject that does not only include knowledge of economics but also mathematics. The subject is significant for the quantitative research of lectures. At the Conference, the lecturers and the other participants also discussed the ideas and comparisons of studying and teaching methodology of Finance and Economics enthusiastically.

The young lecturers who are continuing enhancing their qualification had a good opportunity to find out more about “PhD Preparation Process and Research Proposal” through the presentation of Prof. Anton Meister. In the article, Prof. Anton Meister introduced ways of choosing and presenting ideas, research topics that are possible to be awarded with scholarships of Massey University. In the future, seminars and short-term courses on scientific topics of interests of both sides will continue to be organized to enhance the quality of training and scientific research of both institutions. The conference has created many cooperation directions for the two sides, especially in training and scientific research cooperation.


Presentation "Teaching and researching in Applied economics” by Dr. Do Kim Hang (Massey University) attracts the attention of the representatives because Applied Economics has great and realistic significance in Vietnam.

Discussed and exchanged information during the break.

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