Seminar on “International trade of Vietnam and the world - similarities and differences”

“International Trade of Vietnam and The world - Similarities and Differences’ is the title of the extra-curricular activity for students of QH-2006-E (Honor program). This seminar was organized on 27th February 2009 at the University of Economics and Business - VNU.

The most important factor leading to the success of the seminar was the presence of the advisory board. All the students were very happy to welcome Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Thuong Lang and Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thien of the advisory board. Their ideas, suggestions and comments on both major and skills helped the students learn a lot of valuable experiences.

In the form of seminar in English, the students of the Honor program had a chance to discuss and improve their major knowledge and presentation skills as well as English. With the topic “Vietnam - 2 years after accessing to WTO”, 8 reports were presented at the seminar: Tax rate of Vietnam after becoming member of WTO  Strategies for the Vietnamese coffee to enter the world market, Agreements on Technical Barriers to trade of Vietnam under WTO commitments, Import quotas policy of Vietnam under WTO commitments, Anti-dumping duties of Vietnam under WTO commitments, Countervailing duties of Vietnam under WTO commitments, Voluntary Export Restraints - International Experiences and lessons for Vietnam, Clearance procedure for export and import of Vietnam under WTO commitments.

Thanks to the support of the Board of Directors, the Training Department and the Board of Deans, the seminar took place successfully. The lecturers always support and encourage students to organize and participate actively in such useful and effective extra-curricular activities. This is an important motivation to help students try to study, to give many ideas and to organize useful programs for themselves and other students.

The seminar marked an important advance in opening the passion of research and study for students. Organizing such seminars frequently will be a good chance for students to enrich their knowledge.

Minh Anh - Bich Ngan

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