Conference “Training according to the demand of the society”

Assoc. Prof. Dr Phung Xuan Nha - Rector of UEB-VNU presents in the Conference.
On 25th April 2009, University of Economics and Business - VNU and Hanoi Business Association (HBA) jointly organized the Conference “Training according to the demand of the society”.

In the Conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr Phung Xuan Nha - Rector of the UEB delivered his presentation on “Training according to the demand of the society” - route and initial achievements of the UEB in implementing the policy and orientation of cooperating between the UEB and enterprises, between trainer and user.

Subsequently, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - Vice Rector specializing in training introduced the domestic and international associated training programs of the UEB, the conditions ensuring the training and the abilities satisfying the demand of the society of those programs.

With the specific and persuasive figures from the surveys of graduated students, Mr. Bui Hong Cuong - Deputy Director of Center for Student Services delivered his report of clarifying the employment situation of graduated students of each sector and gave the solution of enhancing the employment ability of students.

Through the three presentations, the delegations in the Conference witnessed the overall picture about the development orientation of the UEB, the opinions of Board of Directors on training according to the demand of the society, level and ability of the students in satisfying the demand of the society, specifically the enterprises… in order to submit the petitions to Vietnam National University, Hanoi and give the suitable orientations for improving the training quality.

The delegations discussed and contributed their ideas to the UEB. The content of the discussion focused on issues: the demand of enterprises on outputs of the UEB, recruitment criteria of enterprises, effective probational-practical deployment for students in enterprises, skill improvement for students before graduating, cooperation ability between enterprises and the UEB in joint training - scholarship donation, probation conditions in enterprises and employment opportunity for students who meet the requirements of enterprises.

It was said that: “The training programs of the UEB provide students with basic knowledge. However, the soft skills are still lack; the abilities of using English and adapting to new environment are still weak. The UEB needs to open more courses to improve those skills so that students will be more self-confident when they work in a working environment after graduating.”

Most of the enterprises approved and believed in the next development orientation of the UEB - VNU in cooperating with the enterprises to improve the quality of training and research, connecting closely with enterprises to meet the employment needs of students after graduating, bringing the training of the UEB into social reality to solve better the issues on providing the human recourses with high quality. Many enterprises also approved the policy of opening a training joint stock company providing the human resource of the UEB and they would contribute their shares for the effective operation of the company.

The Conference is an opportunity for the UEB - VNU to review its new renovation efforts in many fields in the last academic year. This is also a chance for the Board of Directors to listen, acquire the ideas from enterprises about the students of the UEB, and learn the lessons to deploy better the training program cooperating with enterprises or companies… to meet better the requirements of labor users, the society in the context of international economic integration.

Luu Mai - Thuy Diep

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