The acceptance checking at unit level of priority scientific research projects of VNU, code QGTD.07.08

On 20th August 2009, The University of Economics and Business, VNU held the acceptance at the unit level of priority scientific research projects of VNU in accordance with the resolution number 1311/QĐ-NCKH, August 5th 2009 by Rector of the CO.

The project is entitled: “Adjusting Foreign Investment Policy in Vietnam in the process of international economic integration”. Code QGTD.07.08. First author: Assoc.Prof.Dr Phung Xuan Nha.

The research outcomes were highly evaluated by economic scientists and specialists from the Central Institute for Economic Research and Management, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Foreign Investment Department, representatives of Technological Sciences Department - VNU... and other members of the Council. This is an independent, which was thoroughly implemented under the inheritance, development of the former researches, and obtains some basic objectives:

(i) Building scientific bases and the reality of Vietnam’s FDI policy adjustment in the process of international economic integration (1998-2008);

(ii) Clarifying the fact of Vietnam’s FDI policy adjustment in international economic integration process;

(iii) Evaluating the effectiveness of FDI policy adjustment in Vietnam and proposing some policy suggestions.

The research team finished the project on time and strictly implemented regulations in scientific research: the research team had had six articles published on national specialist journals; The project has connected scientific research closely to the training: There have been three masters and one postgraduate who are trained in accordance with the direction of the project.

The acceptance council of projects at unit level of the UEB - VNU has agreed to assess the project with Good grade and to upgrade it to the acceptance at VNU level.

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