Seminar “Influence of the global economic crisis on China”

On 27th August 2009, Prof. Gu Yuan Yang - a Chinese scholar presided a seminar entitled “Influence of the global economic crisis on China” with staffs, lectures and students of the UEB - VNU, Hanoi under a Chinese scholar’s point of view.

At the seminar, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Vice Rector of the UEB, Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Director of Center for Economic & Policy Research together with Boards of Management of Faculty of International Business and Economics, Faculty of Finance - Banking… staffs, lectures and students of the UEB discussed on influence of financial, fuel and food crisis. The theme was also about the connection and mutual influence of three crises, major impacts of the crisis on the situation of international and regional economic development, and the direct impact on China and Vietnam. The Chinese scholars made a remark: The three serious crises have brought about international economy in 2008 an earthquake with the following expressions: global inflation, global decreased consumption and the financial crisis interfering economy is an obvious matter.

The seminar also summarized international economic situation in 2008 which was affected by 3F (Finance; Fuel; Food) and pointed out predictions of present international economy.

To end up the seminar, Prof. Gu Yuan Yang quoted Nicolas Sarkozy - President of France at a conference “We can’t use the economic managing tools of 20th Century to deal with 21st Century economy, we can’t apply obsolete conceptions on existing issues of the world”. International economy has been remarkably changed and the complexion of international economy will continue to change.

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