Enrichment mentality and culture of entrepreneur

On 12th October 2009, a seminar entitled Enrichment mentality and culture of entrepreneur was held in cheerful atmosphere of Vietnam Entrepreneur Day by Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Finance - Banking, University of Economics and Business, VNU.

Addressing at the seminar wereDr. Le Dac Son, former CEO of VPBank, Chairman of Dai Nam University and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Long, Deputy Director of Vinashin Shipbuilding Engineering Company.

At the seminar, Dr. Le Dac Son and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Long shared their experience and answered questions of the students. Teachers, students and participants highly appreciated the seminar in terms of the usefulness. This was an initial success in encouraging students’ development and creativity to help students understand the importance of disciplines in order to overcome difficulties, to create a progress for the future. The seminar also contributed to assert the correctness of supporting student policy through organizing activities and training of the UEB.

Thuy Dung - Viet Hoa

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