The first “Student Scientific Research Prize 2009” of Ministry of Education and Training belonged to UEB students

In 2009, three scientific research works by the University of Economics and Business (UEB) students were awarded the ministry level research prizes. One of which named “Measurement scale of underground economy sector in Vietnam 1994 - 2004” was awarded the first prize.

It belonged to Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh, Tran Mai Anh, Hoang Xuan Diem, the students of class QH-2006-E CLC, Faculty of International Business under direction of advisor - Dr.Vo Tri Thanh.

Two other student groups obtained consolation prizes. Those are:

- “Usefulness of the information on the financial statements” by Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen Thuy Dung, Class QH-2006-E, Faculty of   Finance - Banking under direction of advisor - Dr. Dang Duc Son.

- “Some features of the Japanese business culture and suggestions for Vietnam enterprises” by Nguyen Van Hung, Dao Thi Lon, Nguyen Quang Tu, Dinh Huu Hai - Class QH-2006-E, Faculty of  Business Administration, under direction of advisor - MA. Nguyen Phuong Mai.

These are proud achievements of UEB students in particular and VNU in general. It demonstrates that scientific research activity at UEB has been gradually improved. It also shows that combining training with scientific research is a right policy. Moreover, with the remarkable achievement in training and scientific research in 2009, UEB - VNU has gradually asserted its position.

In order to encourage student in scientific research in coming years, ministry level research and Gami scholarship awarding ceremony will be held by UEB. Beside the Awards of   Ministry of Education and Training, the students who get the high score will be supported by the Vietnam Centre for Economic and Policy Research, UEB (VEPR - UEB). At the awarding ceremony, they also have chance to share experiences and passion with other students recognizing the same interest in scientific research. It is expected that many students and sponsors will find out useful information at the awarding ceremony. The scientific research activities in 2010 and coming years will attract more and more students and sponsors.

On 30th January 2010, the 20th “Student Scientific Research Prize” and the 17th “Vietnamese Creative Technology - VIFOTEC Awarding Ceremony will be held by Ministry of Education and Training at the Hanoi University of Technology.

Trinh Huong - Anh Thu

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