Seminar "Vietnam’s remarkable economic events in 2009 and the prospects in 2010 under students’ viewpoint"

Being held on 31st January 2010, the seminar attracted many students of University of Economics and Business - VNU and other universities of economic field in Hanoi together with economic specialists.

This was a special seminar with the newness because all the reports were carried out and presented by students, and the defenders were also students. The specialists take the role of advising, guidance and assessment the pieces of research. The meeting hall was full with more than 150 students.

2009 is a really notable year to students of economics field with series of complicated changes of economy in the country and all over the world. The seminar "Vietnam’s remarkable economic events in 2009 and the prospects in 2010 under students’ viewpoint" was an opportunity for the students to express their personal ideas, exchange and share experience in doing research. The seminar focused on the overview of Vietnam’s economy within the world’s economy; from that point to propose some solutions under students’ viewpoint. Especially, the seminar created a students’ community: open - straight - constructive, building the base for students’ scientific research which have not been really developed in Vietnam.

At the seminar, four pieces of research were presented on "An overview on Vietnam’s macro economy 2009", "Hidden consequences of economic stimulating policies in crisis period and the solutions", "Re-structure of enterprises - a strategic tool of post-crisis recovery".

The seminar has created an ebullient discussable forum, not only between groups and economic specialists but also among participants.

The seminar was held in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere with open contributions, instead of the dryness of a normal scientific seminar. From the success of the seminar, it is hoped that there will be more progresses in scientific research of University of Economics and Business - VNU in the coming year.

Mai Thanh (YEC, UEB - VNU)

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