UEB students are about to receive state budget scholarship of abroad further study

Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh (middle) and other members of UEB student research team
On 25th April 2010, representative of UEB research student’s team - Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh successfully defended the project “Measurement scale of underground economy sector in Vietnam 1994 - 2006” in front of Award Audit Committee of Economics Science - North area. The project has won the first prize of ministry-level research competition for students 2009

Committee Chairman Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Phuc Khanh, Head of Department of Science, Technology & Environment - Ministry of Education & Training (MOET); Committee members are scientists, specialists of the ministry, Central Instituteof Economic Study & Management, universities of economics majors: Prof.Dr. Nguyen Khac Minh, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Mui, Dr. Le Xuan Sang and MA. Tran Viet Ha.

After the presentation, Minh Anh has made a great success in responding over 15 questions of the committee about the nature of underground economy sector and its confrontment; research methodology, approaching and statistic analyzing methods, etc.

According the committee evaluation, in spite of some shortcomings, the project which referred to existing major economic issues, has been implemented seriously, independently, meticulously and has several constructive findings.

The Committee highly appreciated students’ effort, team working spirit and enthusiastic assistance from their instructor, the support from their family, friends and especially from University of Economics and Business - VNU during the completion.

The Committee will submit to Minister of MOET the decision which is to sponsor a state budget scholarship to Minh Anh, who takes the main responsibility for the project.

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