University of Economics and Business - VNU hands over research findings to Communist Party Central Theoretical Council

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha handles over the research findings to Mr. To Huy Rua - Member of Politburo, Chairman of Central Theoretical Council
On 11th August 2010, at Central Theoretical Council, UEB leaders had a working session with leaders of the Council on the handover of research findings of Vietnam’s Economic Report 2010.

The meeting was held in the intimate atmosphere and openness. Rector of the University of Economics - VNU, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha, has summarized the research findings and handed 50 books of Vietnam's Annual Economic Report 2010 over the Council and other research papers implemented by UEB staffs.

Mr. To Huy Rua - Member of Politburo, Chairman of Central TheoreticalCouncil highly appreciated the findings of the Vietnam's Annual Economic Report 2010, as well as other UEB researchers’ effort for the last period. He also directed the Council to continue to cooperate with UEB in relating activities.

The project of developing Vietnam’s Annual Economic Report is involved in “Macroeconomic Theory and Policy of Vietnam” by University of Economics and Business - VNU. The project aims to build a high-quality publication, contribute to the economic theoretical base of Vietnam, serving researchers of policy advisory. Besides, the activity also improve the training and policy advisory of UEB. tế. Vietnam's Annual Economic Report 2010 is the second publication of the project.

The report has been receiving high evaluation from planning makers and researcher community in general. Many organizations expected to cooperate with the research team in inheriting the report findings. The Central Theoretical Council has recommended the UEB to provide the report annually in serving the council’s consulting actitvities.

In the future, University of Economics and Economics will continue to maintain the quality of the report as well as of other studies to identify the products with increasing quality, serving the research, policy advisory and training in social needs. University of Economics and Economics - VNU has successfully handed the research findings over Central Theoretical Council demonstrated the research results are increasingly embeded and better meet practical requirements. This also showed that the university is firmly on the path to become a research oriented university in 2020.

News: Duc Thanh - Hong Son Photo: Cao Manh Tuan

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