Seminar “Institutional economics and its application to the transformation economies”

On 20th September 2010, Faculty of Political Economics, University of Economics and Business - VNU has organized a seminar entitled “Institutional economics and its application to the transformation economies”.

Speaker of the seminar was Prof. Dimiter Ialnazov from Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University (Japan). Many faculties and students of the faculy has attended to the seminar. Especially, the seminar honorly received Mr. George Vasilev, Ambassador of Bulgaria in Vietnam as a researcher interested in institutional economics issue.

At the seminar, Prof. Ialnazov has presented a theoretical overview of instutional

Prof. Dimiter Ialnazov

economics; analyzed the roles of institution regarding long-term economic growth; analyzed “post-socialist” and the varieties of the transformation under national and regional level.

 However, the most concerned content is the application of institutional economics in studying economic transition in former socialist countries. Many ideas that compared to mainstream economics, the approach of institutional economics can explain more clearly the causes of the difference between paths of economic transition among countries in Middle Eastern, South Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet) and East Asia.

The seminar also focused on analyzing the lessons for Vietnam - a transformed economy in East Asia in the process of building, developing and strengthening official and non-officical institutions to operation market economy. The seminar is an annual activity in the framework of cooperation, academic and scholar exchange between Faculty of Political Economics, UEB and the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University.

The academic exchanging activities have contributed to update information, improve the understanding and suggest new research directions for lecturers and students of the faculty. This activity also contribute to the development of University of Economics and Business - Kyoto University relationshop.

Hong Diep - Manh Tuan

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