Scientific seminar between Waseda University and UEB

Prof. Tran Van Tho speaks at the seminar
On 16th November 2010, within the exchange program of two universities, students of University of Economics and Business - VNU and Waseda University (Japan) participated in the seminar “Vietnam’s industrialization in the context of dynamic changes in East Asia”.

Participants of the seminar were honor to receive Prof.Dr. Tran Van Tho, representative of Waseda University, Dr. Vu Anh Dung - Dean of Faculty of International Business and Economics, University of Economics and Business - VNU and lecturers, students of two universities.

The seminar was opened by the friendly greetings from students with lively performances. The distance of students from different countries seemed to be erased, there was only united, open and exciting atmosphere.

After the introduction by Dr. Vu Anh Dung and Prof. Tran Van Tho, the seminar officially open with presentations on “Industrialization in”. Obviously, the industrialization is now concern as the main focus of Vietnam’s economy. Moreover, after its accessing to the World Trade Organization, Vietnam is promoting to open trade integration in the international market with many opportunities to grow. However, there are also many challenges ahead, firstly in East Asia.

In the region, there are two trends emerging and will affect the development of Vietnam's industry, which is the variation in the movement of industry trends of East Asia and the free trade. For that reason, the conference has put the industrialization as the main theme with two researches by FIBE students: Automobile supporting industries in Vietnam, Industrialization and environment in Vietnam and one by Waseda students “Vietnam’s industrialization in the context of dynamic changes in East Asia”.

The researches analyzed the current concerned issues, providing much useful information as well as giving a perspective overview under students’ viewpoint with the industrialization process in Vietnam. Hence, all three studies were highly evaluated, presentations by three groups also received positive feedback of numerous students at the seminar.

The seminar closed successfully and left many special impressions among Japanese friends. Obviously, UEB always welcome and create all favorable conditions for organizing the exchange program as well as scientific conferences between UEB students and international students. These activities have further strengthened the close relationship, the friendship among the students, bringing images of Vietnamese youth to the world.

Numerous students of the two universities attend to the seminar.


FIBE students present their research “Automobile supporting industries in Vietnam"…

… which draws Waseda students’ interest.

Vice versa, the research  “Vietnam’s industrialization in the context of dynamic changes in East Asia”...

... also reveives enthusiastic respond from UEB students.

Students of University of Economics and Business - VNU and Wasada University at the seminar.

Mai Nguyet Anh Photos: Thuy Dung

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