UEB faculty staffs at Uppsala University's training course

Within the framework of the visit and work at Uppsala University (Sweden) from 8th to 17th June 2011, UEB faculty members mission led by Rector - Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son have attended a special training course on teaching methods and instructions for master’s thesis by the experienced faculties of the Uppsala University.

Through this course, UEB faculty members have not only obtain useful knowledge, but also have the opportunity to learn from teaching methods, academic environment and the guidance and conduct the master’s thesis to graduate students.

Regarding teaching methods, Uppsala University faculties have systemized the issues related to study objectives, teachers and study activities, which emphasize the dialectical unity of three factors: expected learning outcomes, learning and teaching activities and assessment activities. The faculties of the University of Economics and Business were introduced and practiced methods to identify specific learning objectives, design the lecture and other teaching activities, as well as encourage active study among student.

In addition, Uppsala University faculties have introduced an innovative academic environment, particularly promoting independent research and critical thinking ability of students. During the implementation of the thesis, instructor plays an important role in promoting innovation and research capacity development for students. The faculties of the University of Economics and Business have been participating in a graduation thesis defense by Uppsala University students. The impression of the defense is about an atmosphere of openness, friendliness and constructiveness with higher academic element. The students’ reviewing role is emphasized during this defense. The thesis guiding as well as assessment criteria are clearly designed, which is the basis to help students perform their thesis and review other students’ thesis.

The course is organized within only five days but the time spent is particularly useful for UEB faculties. In addition to accessing to innovative knowledge and academic environment, UEB faculties have the opportunity to review the teaching methods to build specific plans to improve their capability and have certain contributions to the university on the way toward international standard.



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