Seminar on issue of Vietnamese people in Russia

Dr. Alexey Chesnokov at the seminar
On 26 July 2011, The Vietnam Center for Economic and Policy Research - UEB has organized a seminar discussing on “Political, Historical and Socio-economic aspects of Vietnamese people in Russia”.

The seminar was hosted by Dr. Alexey Chesnokov, lecturer of Political Science, International Relation at Ural National University (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

Vietnamese people are one of the most crowded communities in Russia. The issue of Vietnamese people in Russia is also an important and sensitive issue among other issues of relationship between Vietnam - Russia. In his speech, the speaker has provided detailed and lively analysis on history and existing issues of Vietnamese community in Russia, under a Russian specialist’s viewpoint.

Dr. Alexey Chesnokov believed that Vietnamese community in Russia are unitive and mainly take part in trading activities, rarely involve in illegal behavior like other immigrant communities in Russia. Dr. Chesnokov also shared that information about the violence on Vietnamese people in Russia only reflects the general escalation of violence in the country, but does not reflect the racial discrimination of Russian against Vietnamese there.

The seminar was held in English language, which drew remarkable interest among researchers, the press and students. Questions raised at the seminar were mainly about living of Vietnamese people in Russia, the advantages and disadvantages of the immigrant community and its recognition in Russia.

The speech was extracted from a thorough study by Dr. Alexey Chesnokov on Vietnamese people issues in Russia. The entire study is released under an article form in English and Vietnamese. Dr. Chesnokov’s visit in Vietnam this time is included in a working schedule to develop his available research.

Tuyet Mai (VEPR)

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