Seminar “Leadership - Does it matter?”

The seminar attracts many UEB staff and students to participate
Accepting the invitation of VNU University of Economics and Business, on 3rd November 2011, Prof. John Shields, Associate Dean of Business School, University of Sydney (Australia) has discussed on “Leadership - Does it matter?” with UEB students.

In his speech, Prof. John Shields has provided with a comprehensive view on an important issue of leadership. Through his deep analysis, UEB students and faculty members have had a new viewpoint and approach to study leadership issue.

The speech by Prof. John Shields has three main points:

- What is ‘Leadership’?

- Does Leadership Matter?

- 10 characteristics of a successful leader.

Prof. John Shields has analyzed “Leadership” under different aspects, from that point to offer a definition “Leadership is the effective ability to coordinate and motivate individuals or groups to achieve the goals of the organization”.

To illustrate the idea, Prof. Shields pointed out successful leaders such as: Bill Gates, John Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Ban Ki-Moon… and President Ho Chi Minh. Their leading abilities and manners are different but have one thing in common which is the success in their position. Prof. John Shields has pointed out that the key factor of their success is setting goals. At the end of the presentation, he made ​​10 essential virtures of an outstanding leader.

Prof. John Shields at the seminar

Faculty members of Business Administration raise their questions to Prof. John Shields.

Following the presentation on leadership skills, Prof. John Shields has introduced to UEB faculty members and students about the University of Sydney, which ranks in the top 100 universities in the world. University of Sydney has deversified training programs of many faculties, majors with a dynamic learning environment. The university has been offering many scholarships for students of Business Administration.

Concluding the seminar, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet - Director of Research and Partnership Development Office has expressed his gratitude to the meaningful presentation by Prof. John Shields. He hoped that the University of Economics and Business and the University of Sydney will expand their cooperation in other fields, including the students and faculty exchanging program.

Tran Phuong - Photos: Do Chiem

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