International workshop “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Women Business”

From 1st and 2nd 12/2011, the VNU University of Economics and Business has organized international research workshop “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Women Business”.

The workshop is an important research activity of the UEB, which is within the bilateral cooperation between the VNU University of Economics and Business and the University of Sydney, Australia. Attending to the workshop were 16 specialists from international institutes, organizations of Australia, India, Japan, China, Cambodia, Myanmar and Germany and 10 VNU - UEB researchers.

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son - UEB Rector opens the workshop.

Including 7 themes and 14 memoirs on research findings, the scholars at the workshop have discussed on the following topics:

  • Analyzing on women’s roles under the aspect of business start-up, entrepreneurship skills on Vietnam’s viewpoint (presented by Dr. Nham Phong Tuan), research survey in Australia (presented by Prof. Marian Baird), research survey in China (presented by Dr. Minglu Chen);

  • The models and methods to start up and develop small and medium enterprises, assisting women in business from Japan’s experience (presented by Prof. Takemi), model of India (presented by Prof. Ganesh N Prabhu and Prof. Kumar Kothandaraman), and Myanmar’s experience;

  • The content of business start-up skills for women within the Project Building Female Entrepreneurial Skills for SMEs in ASEAN Countries jointly implemented by VNU University of Economics and Business, University of Sydney and University of Battambang. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thu and MBA. Do Tien Long - UEB staffs have presented the detail content and curriculum of the tentative training courses of the project. The researchers from University of Battambang have shared their experience in implementing the project in Cambodia;

  • Proposals on technological models and innovations (presented by Dr. Hoang Dinh Phi) and productivity, quality and operation effectiveness according to Kaizen (presented by Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh);

  • Proposals on research serving the entrepreneurial teaching for student of international standard program in Business Administration (presented by Dr. Pham Thi Lien).

Prof. Marian Baird (Universtity of Sydney) presents some research survey in Australia

Prof. Takemi (Japan) speaks at the workshop.

Prof. Ganesh N Prabhu and Kumar Kothandaraman (India) share their experience at the workshop.

Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh (VNU UEB) talks about productivity, quality and operation effectiveness according to Kaizen.

The representatives have spent 2 sessions for discussing to complete the training program within the Project Building Female Entrepreneurial Skills for SMEs in ASEAN Countries and cooperative topics in the future.

The specialists have agreed to continue to finalize the curriculum of the business start-up training courses for instructors (Training on Training, TOT) according to practical regulations, due to questions raised by the learners such as motivations and objectives of doing business, business planning, products, markets... Training contents are case studies - based. In addition, specialists also believed that the learners should be equipped with pedagogical methods for the consultancy, propaganda and expanding the project.

Cooperative research content proposed among scholars and institutes in the future include the following signigicant themes:

  • Study on regional business tendancy, the impact of business environment on enterprises operation, especially small and medium ones;

  • The roles of female entrepreneurs and promoting elements that affect their business;

  • Study on necessary skills of a company owner and the impact on business effectiveness;

  • Study in business start-up skills for students, focusing on improving the quality of Business Administration students.

Designing typical cases according model of video case studies on female entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs in Australia and other ASEAN countries.

The researchers are divided into groups to discuss.

The workshop has closed successfully and reached the tentative goals: experience sharing, promoting the research on innovation, entrepreneurship and women’s business. The workshop has tightened cooperation between VNU University of Economics and Business and University of Sydney. This is the base for the two institutes to develop further research projects. The agreed research contents at the workshop are soon started to report at the next workshop, which is expected to be organized by the end of 2012 by India Institute of Management.

Phan Chi Anh - Photos: Do Chiem

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