Seminar “The global economics crisis and the three disasters for Japan’s Economy”

Prof. Mizobata Satoshi talks at the seminar
Following the academic exchanging activities between Faculty of Political Economics - UEB and Institute of Economic Research (Kyoto University - Japan), on 24th November 2011, Prof. Mizobata Satoshi, Vice President of the Institute has visited and had a working session at UEB.

With Prof. Mizobata’s enthusiastic collaboration, FIBE has held the seminar under the theme “Global economics crisis and the three disasters for Japan’s Economy”.

This is an opportunity for the professor to exchange information, share the latest researches on the impact of the global economic crisis as well as the impact of the disaster chain: earthquake, tsunami and nuclear to the Japan’s economy. The seminar has attracted the attention of lecturers, post-graduate students and students of Faculty of Political Economics.
At the seminar, Prof. Mizobata has presented the outline of the economic development process of Japan after the Second World War, emphasizing the challenge for Japan's economic model during the development process, from the stage of miracle development to the stage of bubble economy in the late 20th century and post-bubble economy in the early 21st century. With the extensive and updated data from the presentation, attendees could see the whole picture of the impact of global economic crisis 2008 to Japan, followed by giant shocks to the economy caused by three disasters in 2011 in Northeast Japan.

In addition, the economic recovery process in Japan is now influenced by the rise of the Yen, the debt crisis in Europe and flood in Thailand. The issues discussed focus on the sustainability of growth model of Japan’s economy in the globalization, new challenges for the economy under the impact of a population ageing as well as the increasing pressure of social issues and political instability. Another interested issues from the development experience of Japan are the lessons could be applied for Vietnam in the process of restructuring the economy and dealing with the instability of macro-economy.

The seminar has helped to update information, raise awareness and suggest directions for research activities for lecturers, graduates ad students of Faculty of Political Economics. It also contributed to the development of partnerships between the Faculty of Political Economics - UEB and Kyoto University, Japan.

Pham Thi Hong Diep - Photos: Hong Bich

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